Archie: 12 Months



How is it possible, my tiny 6lb 11oz baby is one whole year old. 12 whole months. 352 Days. 8760 Hours. 525600 Minutes.

This month has been a roller-coaster of party arrangements, and spending quality time with my baby before he turned the big O N E. We have been swimming, the oceanarium, the beach, the park, and had visits from my sister.

I have been very emotional the last 4 week. Turning one just seems like such a huge milestone, bigger than any that Archie has achieved so far. Not only have I had Archie in my life for a whole year, but I have raised a baby, a healthy happy baby, and done a pretty good job of it. This isn’t just a milestone for Archie, but it is a milestone for myself and Callum also.

Archie is still sleeping 11 – 12 hour nights, goes for bed at 7 wakes up anywhere between 6 and 7. Nap wise he has dropped his nap first thing in the morning. He either has a 1 hour nap late morning or he has one mid afternoon. It is a struggle to get him to nap now, he is far too interested in everything else going on and scared he is going to miss something.

Bottles are still only happening first thing in the morning around 6.30am and at bedtime around 7.30pm, both bottles having 9oz of cows milk. He will then have breakfast at around 9:30am, either toast, weetabix and banana, cereal or fruit. Then he will have lunch around 12.30 – 1.00pm, tuna past, or sandwiches with fruit yoghurt and rice cakes. Occasionally if he wants an afternoon snack he will have it around 3.00 – 4.00 and will normally be a banana or rice cake and then finally dinner at 5.00pm which can be anything from tuna pasta, fishfingers, potato and peas, chicken / beef and veg. He is very into his food and will normally try absolutely anything at least once. His favourite thing to snack on is either cheese or banana. I’m so lucky to have a child who is so good with is food.

Archie is still crawling and cruising everywhere, although I think he will definitely be walking soon. He can walk with his walker and stands without holding onto anything but as soon as he realises he freaks out and falls to the floor. I think it is more of a confidence thing rather than his being unable to physically do it.

I will be putting up another post with Archie’s Birthday Celebrations in as it is far too much for one post.

I just want to thank everyone for being apart of our journey for a whole year. Cant wait to see how much my little monkey grows in the next year.


Tilly & Archie



Archie: 11 Months. 

 11 months old. These months are starting to merge together. I’m scared to blink my baby is growing up too fast. This time next month he will be 1. How crazy is that. I am beyond excited yet extremely emotional.

Archie now weighs 20lbs 11oz. This month we’ve cracked dropping a bottle. Lunch time bottle is now gone and replaced with a snack.

Bottle wise Archie now has a 7oz bottle in the morning and a 7oz bottle before bed. For food he will have breakfast (generally porridge or weetabix with banana) lunch ( sandwiches, cheese, grapes, rice wafer) snack in the afternoon and then dinner (chicken/beef veg and sweet potato or tuna pasta with broccoli and tomato are his fave).

Archie is crawling, cruising and very nearly walking. I think we are going to have a little toddler on our hands before his first birthday. He can walk with his walker and holding onto anything but hasn’t quite got the confidence to let go and walk by himself.

This month has been quite a quiet month. We haven’t been out a hell of a lot as the weather has been bad and in trying to have a good month with money as Christmas was last month and archies first birthday is next.

We have done ALOT of birthday planning and I am so so excited to celebrate my sons first birthday next month.

This month we have also:

  • Been to the oceanarium
  • Soft play
  • Swimming
  • Celebrated Archie’s buddy’s 1st birthday
  • Fed the ducks
  • Lots of beach walks

Archies personality is shining through every single day. He is a cheeky chappy and such a loveable happy little boy. He is changing so so much each and every day and I am enjoying every second of being his Mummy and watching him grow.

Our next monthly update will be Archie’s first birthday which I have got a lot of posts planned.

Enjoy your month and see you soon.

Tilly & Archie xx

Archie 6 Months Old. 

6 whole months old. Half a year. 182 days. 4344 hours. 260,640minutes. Where has the time gone. 

My little chunk now weighs 15lbs 2oz. He sleeps from 7:45pm until 6:30am. Never wakes up during the night (touch wood I don’t jinx it) has 3x 7oz of formula per day and 3 meals a day. 

He is sitting up by himself, still extremely wobbly and a lot of head butting the floor going on. He rolls onto his belly from both sides. He ‘talks’ a lot, although there still hasn’t been any actual worlds. 

He loves his food, his favourite is creamy porridge, any fruit and roast chicken with sweet potato and vegetables. This boy will literally eat anything. The only thing I have found he doesn’t like is swede but I’m yet to try it on him again. It could have been a one off. 

This month we’ve been to the oceanariums 3 times, been to Callum’s best friends wedding in Tewkesbury , a 2nd and 4th birthday party, fed the ducks, enjoyed the sunshine and had visits from my sister, Callum’s sister and Archies lovely godmother. 

Because Archie absolutely LOVES swimming. He is now enrolled on swimming baby splash lessons. Since 3 months Archie and I have been going with a friend to he pay as you go sessions but felt that the course would progress him further. He absolutely loves the water, he splashes, giggles kicks is legs and arms all over the place. Since Archies first time swimming Callum hasn’t seen him swim since so we decided to take him again so Archie could show off how much he has progressed the last 3 months. 

There is no stopping Archie now. He is into anything and everything. He rolls absolutely everywhere. He picks up everything. Eats everything. And is trying to crawl. He is sitting unaided perfectly and has grown 2 teeth!!!!! He is changing so much day by day I’m so scared to blink. 

We took him for his first time at the park this month to try and wear him out. The swings area definite hit. He would sit in them all day if we would let him. 

Archie is no longer in any 3-6 month clothing. He is comfortable in 6-9 months. He is growing far to quickly mummy can’t cope. I’m sure next month I will be reporting that he has doubled in size and is walking and talking. Until then I shall go an enjoy my little bundle of love and try and get him to stay baby forever. 

Love Tilly & Archie xx

Archie: 5 Months Old. 

 How is my sweet little boy 5 months old and weighing 13lbs 3oz. What a manic month it has been.

To start off the month, Callum got to celebrate his first Father’s Day this month. We spoilt him rotten because he is honestly the best father you could ever wish for and both Archie and I love him to the moon and back. We decided to take Archie swimming for his first time. He absolutely loved it. New associating around like crazy in the water. He couldn’t get enough of it. However, he didn’t like the changing rooms. That was a bit of a nightmare.  We have decided to take Archie swimming every week now as he loves it so much and is like a little fishy in the water.

Secondly this month Archie got christened. We had a beautiful day, the weather was lovely and all our family and friends were there to join us on his special day. It was so lovely to see everyone we love so much give so much love to our little boy. I couldn’t have wished for a better day and a better set of friends and family to share our little boy with us. He was truely spoilt. He is one very lucky boy.

Archies best friend was born this month. We welcome Oakley William Francis to the world and what a beautiful little boy he is. Couldn’t be prouder of my best friend. Archie loves him so much he is so cute with him I can’t wait for them to grow up together.

We’ve been to visit the oceanariums, feed the ducks, long walks, trips to the beach and playtime in the door bouncer and walker. Suddenly Archie seems like such a grown up boy. Into everything and always wanting to play. He can stand supported and is so close to sitting.

We have now stopped breastfeeding this month. Archies choice not mine. At his christening it proved a little difficult to breastfeed so I brought a ready made bottle of formula for emergencys. His first feed he had perfect but when it came to the second he was so stressed, hungry hot and over tired he was having none of it. He took the bottle straight away and finished off 7oz in minutes. When we got home Archie ate his dinner (solids) but he wouldn’t take the boob for bed so we gave him another bottle. Since the he was no longer interested in the boob at all. He just wanted him bottle and solid food. I tried expressing milk for him but my hand pump just wasn’t strong enough to pump I was pumping for 45-50 minutes and only getting 1/2oz of milk.

Even though our breastfeeding journey is now over, I am so proud of how long I managed to do it for. Archie is now having 4x 7oz of formula a day and 3 solid meals a day. He’s enjoying his food so much. He sleeps in his cot from 8pm until 5am., is growing out of 3-6 months and nearly in 6-9month clothing. I  can’t believe next month my teeny boy will be 6 whole months old.

Love Tilly & Archie xx

Archie: 4 Months Old. 

  It is safe to say that this has been the craziest month yet. So much has happened that it feels like the month has flown. Archie has ad so many firsts this week I feel like he has grown up so much. 

We started off the month celebrating my first birthday as a Mummy. I had the best day and was spoilt so much. We took Archie on his 1st little mini trip away for his first time to the zoo. He absolutely loved it. Even if I did have to breastfeed him halfway round in the lion enclosure on the safari. 

Archie has now upgraded to the big boy part of his pushchair. He is now in the chair appose to carrycot. He has moved into his cotbed (in his Moses basket) rolled over into his tummy and he has started weaning.  He feels like a different boy. I am loving every single moment of being a mummy. 

Archie is still breastfed. He generally has it as and when he wants there is no kind of routine. As well as breastmilk I have started introducing Archie to puree’s at lunch time. He has tried a varity of fruit puree’s,sweet potato, potato and parsnip and peas. He seems to be loving everything I try him on. He is definitely going to take after his mummy when it comes to food. 

Since starting on food, Archie has been such a happy baby. He no longer gets grumpy half as much as he used to and seems more content for longer periods of time. I’m loving our weaning journey and can’t wait to introduce him to more foods. 

Archie now weighs 12lbs 15oz. He hasn’t put in a lot of weight this month so the health visitor is slightly concerned as she doesn’t think he is getting enough milk. We’re booked in for another appointment next month to check his weight gain then and in the meantime the doctor has said he is happy with Archies overall health. He doesn’t have any underlying issues. Thank goodness. 

Archie is now sleeping pretty much all night occasionally waking up at either 3 or 5 am. Has a quick 5 minutes on the boob and then straight back to sleep. I really hope this lasts as I’m starting to get used to linger start he’s of sleep. If is is a trick Arch mummy won’t be happy. 

Love Tilly & Archie xx