The First Trimester: Baby #2

To say the first trimester hasn’t gone smoothly would be an understatement. Between emergency scans, bleeding and vomiting I’ve been suffering quite badly during these first 12 weeks.

Trying for a second baby we had in the back of our minds how badly the first trimester could go. With Archie I had Hypermesis Gravardium, bleeding and a lot of trips to the hospital. Obviously every pregnancy is different so we went into this with open minds that this time it might be plain sailing. How wrong we’re we.

My 1st trimester started off pretty well, I had no signs of pregnancy at all until I did a pregnancy test 4 days before I missed a period (curiosity got the better of me). After that I had no real signs until around week 8 when I started getting bad bouts of sickness. Sickness that would leave me bedbound and unable to sit up and unable to keep any fluids down. I had a few bad weeks of this until our 12 week scan.

During our 12 week scan, the sonography couldn’t get a clear enough picture of the baby to carry out all the checks so I had to have an internal scan. This is when we found out I was actually 11 weeks and 4 days pregnant instead of the 12 weeks and 2 days I thought I was. After the scan we were obviously over the moon to see we had a healthy baby growing nicely in there but I was in a bit of discomfort from the internal scan.

Fast forward 2 days and whilst at work I started bleeding heavily. Not just the kind of blood you would expect in early pregnancy, but full on heavy bleeding. To the point my work dress, tights and underwear were saturated. Naturally I panicked and rang callum in tears telling him I thought I was misscarrying.

After being rushed to A&E and getting assessed they booked me for a scan at a local early pregnancy unit the following morning and told me to rest up that night and control the pain with paracetamol and a hot water bottle.

The next morning we went along to the EPU  and had a scan where they told us that everything was perfectly fine. They couldn’t understand why I had such a heavy bleed. I was told I had a tilted placenta and that the bleed may well have been caused by having an internal scan as it was quite a lengthy scan but they couldn’t be sure. The main thing was that the baby was perfectly fine. I was informed that I had something called a subcohorbic collection and I was likely to haemorrhage within the next few days as there was a fair amount of blood surrounding the baby but not to worry as it doesn’t seem to be affecting it.

Luckily I didn’t have any more bleeding I took it easy for a few days, got lots of rest and made sure I wasn’t over doing it.

For the rest of my first trimester sickness knocked me for six. I was spending days at a time bed ridden, only able to get up to see the Dr for an antisickness injection. It was not a nice time and not only did it leave me feeling low and exhausted, I also felt awful for Archie as I couldn’t spend any time with him and I could see it was affecting him a lot. He didn’t want to leave me and would cry if he had to go to my parents or school. He constantly worried and asked me if I was still poorly and when I would be better.  The guilt this riddled me with was unbearable so I’m praying that the second trimester runs a little more smoothly than the first.

Let me know in the comments how you’ve found the first trimester and how you combated mum guilt with an older sibling.

Love Tilly, Archie and Little peach xxx


Archie: 21 Months Old


21 months old. I feel like every month I am just saying the same thing to you guys. Writing the same updates just on a different month. I think I am going to continue these monthly updates until Archie’s 2nd Birthday then I will only update as and when there is something to  update.

For now though I’ll update you all on all the things we’ve been up to this month and how Archie has changed. Archie’s speech has come on massively this month. He can now string a sentences of 3-4 words together. He is repeating everything he hears, words and sounds, and they are sticking with him.

I weighed Archie this month and he is 27lbs although he feels so much heavier. He is in 18-24 month clothes although some handmade clothes he has are made in size 2-3 as they come up smaller.

We have had quite a busy month this month, we’ve had Callum’s parents come visit us, we’ve been to visit them, had Halloween with pumpkin picking and Callum’s birthday. It feels like this month has flown by where we have been so busy.

Unfortunately Archie has become a little clingy this month. Both Callum and myself have been working a lot and putting in a lot of overtime at work to get money for our house. I think this mixed with going away and mixing up our normal routine has put him out of sorts. I’m hoping it doesn’t last too long as it breaks my heart when I have to leave him for work.

Archie is still loving arts and crafts this month. We have done a lot of colouring, painting, sticking and ripping. We have made so many things to put with our families Christmas presents, but I will share them in a post through blogmas.

The weather has finally changed and it feels like proper winter. The air is crisp and there are frosty mornings. We have spent a lot of time going to the park and playing in the leaves, going for wintry walks down the beach and jumping in puddles. I’m finding it really hard at the moment to wear Archie out. If you have any suggestions please leave them below of fun things we can do to keep Archie entertained and wear him out when the weather is bad. This Mummy is running out of ideas.

Love Tilly & Archie xx


Archie: 20 Months Old. 

Its been 2 years this months since we found out we were having a baby boy and what a 2 years it has been. Archie is now 20 months old. This feels so much older than 19 months. Archie is getting scarily close to 2 now. In 4 short months I’m going to have a 2 year old and I can already tell it’s going to absolutely fly by. With Christmas half way through that and hopefully a house move, it is going to be a crazy few months that’s for sure.

This month we have tackled the bottles. Archie is no longer having bottles at bedtime and in the morning but instead having a sippy cup of milk. He actually did this himself with out us even trying to. Unfortunately he had a fall in John Lewis a couple of weeks ago where he split his chin open cut the roof of his mouth and chipped a tooth. When it came to bedtime that night, his mouth was too sore to suck on the teat of a bottle so I put his milk in one of his cups he uses in the day which he took fine. The next morning the same thing happened so I gave him his cup and he didn’t notice it wasn’t a bottle. So since then I haven’t offered the bottle just given him his milk in a cup and packed the bottles away.

Activity wise we haven’t actually done a lot this month. Callum and I have done a lot of house viewings on the weekends which pretty much rights off the whole weekend as Saturday is the only day we all have together as I work Sundays. Around house viewings we have had many park dates, beach walks and autumnal activities.

One of Archie’s favourite things to do at the moment is arts and crafts. He could spend hours colouring, sticking stickers and painting. We have made lots of masterpiece recently with finger painting, leaf sticking, pumpkin painting and colouring. I love to sit back and watch what Archie does when put in front of crafts and the pictures he makes. To see him explore the colours and learn what each activity creates.

Archie’s vocabulary is coming on amazingly. He repeats everything he hears now. He can count up to 3, name 3 colours; blue, red and green, can tell you what sound a dozen animals make and can say well over 100 words.  I cant believe how fast he is growing up he is turning into a proper little boy. Nearly all of his baby traits are being replaced by big boy traits and as much as I love watching him grow into a clever little boy I wish time would slow down.

Archie is still in some 12-18 clothing but mainly in 18-24 now, all be it is a little big. Hes so skinny yet so tall that he needs the size up for length but the trousers are forever falling down. I got his feet measured this week as he had grown out of his Vans and he is now a 6.5F. This boy is going to cost us a fortune in shoes. He grows out of them every 4-6 weeks.

I cant wait to see what the next month brings with our little whirlwind.

Love Tilly & Archie xx

Archie: 12 Months



How is it possible, my tiny 6lb 11oz baby is one whole year old. 12 whole months. 352 Days. 8760 Hours. 525600 Minutes.

This month has been a roller-coaster of party arrangements, and spending quality time with my baby before he turned the big O N E. We have been swimming, the oceanarium, the beach, the park, and had visits from my sister.

I have been very emotional the last 4 week. Turning one just seems like such a huge milestone, bigger than any that Archie has achieved so far. Not only have I had Archie in my life for a whole year, but I have raised a baby, a healthy happy baby, and done a pretty good job of it. This isn’t just a milestone for Archie, but it is a milestone for myself and Callum also.

Archie is still sleeping 11 – 12 hour nights, goes for bed at 7 wakes up anywhere between 6 and 7. Nap wise he has dropped his nap first thing in the morning. He either has a 1 hour nap late morning or he has one mid afternoon. It is a struggle to get him to nap now, he is far too interested in everything else going on and scared he is going to miss something.

Bottles are still only happening first thing in the morning around 6.30am and at bedtime around 7.30pm, both bottles having 9oz of cows milk. He will then have breakfast at around 9:30am, either toast, weetabix and banana, cereal or fruit. Then he will have lunch around 12.30 – 1.00pm, tuna past, or sandwiches with fruit yoghurt and rice cakes. Occasionally if he wants an afternoon snack he will have it around 3.00 – 4.00 and will normally be a banana or rice cake and then finally dinner at 5.00pm which can be anything from tuna pasta, fishfingers, potato and peas, chicken / beef and veg. He is very into his food and will normally try absolutely anything at least once. His favourite thing to snack on is either cheese or banana. I’m so lucky to have a child who is so good with is food.

Archie is still crawling and cruising everywhere, although I think he will definitely be walking soon. He can walk with his walker and stands without holding onto anything but as soon as he realises he freaks out and falls to the floor. I think it is more of a confidence thing rather than his being unable to physically do it.

I will be putting up another post with Archie’s Birthday Celebrations in as it is far too much for one post.

I just want to thank everyone for being apart of our journey for a whole year. Cant wait to see how much my little monkey grows in the next year.


Tilly & Archie


Diabetes Results & Transverse Baby:

So last week in my 32 week update I said that the hospital was a little bit worried because the baby was rather large for the average size he should be at this stage. Because of this, I had to go into hospital this week and have a glucose tolerance test.

The glucose tolerance test is basically to check how your body breaks down sugars over a short period of time. With these results they determine if you or baby are showing signs of gestational diabetes.

To take the test, you have to starve yourself for 12 hours prior to the test. Once you get to the hospital the nurse will take a sample of blood from you, make you drink a sugary drink and then wait two hours. Once you’ve waited two hours the nurse will take another sample of blood and test to see how your body has broken down.

Luckily, after getting my results back today, my bloods have come back within the normal limits. The nurses are not worried or think there is any cause of concern for gestational diabetes for either me or the baby.

However, at my routine midwife appointment, she was checking baby’s position and informed me that he is now transverse. Since falling pregnant, baby has been in head down position up until literally last week which he turned to transverse. Hopefully by my 36 week check up he will have moved so that when I make my birth plan I am able to go ahead and have my much wanted water birth.

If anyone has any tips or tricks on how to get baby to move please share them. I will literally try everything.

Love Tilly and Bump xx