Archie: 22 Months Old

Another month that has flown by, another month older. 22 months old. I just can’t believe it. I have a full blown boy. A toddler.

Archie is still in 18-24 month clothing with the occasional 2-3 years depending on where it’s from. He is weighing in at 25.5lbs. Last month Archie dropped down from 27lbs to 25.5 lbs and has been at that weight for the last 8 weeks. I think where he is more active now he is burning off a lot of the food he eats appose to storing it.

A week or so ago we attempted to measure his height, he is roughly just under 3 ft. For a toddler this is crazy! I knew he was going to be tall as I’m 5ft 11 and Callum us 6ft 2 but I never thought that he would be nearly 3 ft at under 2 years old.

Archie is now able to say sentences of up to 5 words at a time. He will join words together himself and repeat phrases you say to him. He now randomly says words that I didn’t know he knew. We can be in the car and he will shout out something he spots. Its lovely to see how quickly he is learning and remembering words and phrases.

Last month I touched on how Archie had become really clingy to both Callum and myself. The last few weeks he has been so much better. He now tells me every morning that Daddy has gone to work but he doesn’t cry out for him anymore. He will occasionally get upset when Callum first leaves but can be distracted pretty quickly. With myself he still gets a little upset when I leave for work but as with Callum is getting a lot better. Its such a relief that it was just a phase and that things are going back to normal. I hate leaving him to go to work at the best of times, let alone when hes screaming the place down and shouting out for Mummy.

This month has been a month of festivities. We have been getting into the Christmas spirit with visits to the German bar, vising Father Christmas, beach walks and present wrapping. We had a lovely Christmas at home with my parents, sister and Grandad and then a lovely 2nd Christmas on Boxing Day with Callum’s parents in Tewkesbury.

That’s pretty much all I have to update on this month. Until next month where well only be 1 month away from Archie’s 2nd birthday. How is that even possible!

Love Tilly & Archie xx


Father Christmas Fail & The Flu. 

Sorry I have been absent from blogmas since the 10th, unfortunately I got struck down with the flu. I haven’t felt so poorly in a long long time. I was going to bed when Archie went to bed at 7.30pm and sleeping right through till morning. It completely wiped it out of me.

We decided to take Archie to visit Father Christmas at the beginning of December this year as we are hoping to send his dummy’s to Father Christmas this year in exchange for a present. We thought that if we went at the start of December then he would associate who he was sending his dummy’s to and then we would have a while to get him used to no dummy’s before we went away at Christmas time to visit Callum’s parents.

The place we take Archie to visit Father Christmas is actually at a local garden centre. Its the best venue we have found. They decorate a large area before you actually get to meet Father Christmas. Its all kitted out with fairy lights, moving polar bears, penguins and deers, fake snow, and Christmas music. When you get to the end of winter wonderland you can knock on Father Christmas’s house where you get to step inside and meet him and some of his elves. It’s absolutely magical so it was a no brainier to take Archie back this year.

During your time in Father Christmas’s house you get to have a quick chat with him and tell him everything you want for Christmas. Get a professional photo taken and get given a gift.

When you exit the house there is a stand where you can view the photos that have just been taken and a chance to purchase them. You then walk down a little path with fake snow on and leads hung up for the reindeers and you get to see real life reindeers. This is by far my favourite part of the experience. It makes everything feel so real and gets you in the Christmas spirit.

This year it was truely magical. Archie is now at an age where he is beging to understand what is going on and the true meaning of Christmas. He absolutely hated meeting Father Christmas but loved his elves and seeing his reindeer.

We explained to him that he is going to bringing him some presents if he is a good boy all year and that Father Christmas is going to be taking his dummy’s to give them to new little baby boys and baby girls who need them because he is now a big boy.

I cant wait to see his little face on Christmas Day when Father Christmas has been. Knowing he now understands where they have come from.

This year Archie decided that he absolutely hated Father Christmas. He was petrified. We couldn’t even get him in the room let alone close enough for a photograph. He loved the grotto leading up to meet him but the actual meeting was an absolute disaster.

Being out of action for a few days and not making any content, I realised that I would rather put quality posts up than quantity and decided that I wasn’t going to continue with blogmas. However much fun it is and I absolute love to read everyone else’s. It was near impossible with a toddler and being poorly.

I have however got a few more posts that I would like to share so I’ll pop them up during the rest of December. Just things that I would like to be able to look back on in years to come and to remember the memories.

Sorry for the absolute fail.

Love Tilly & Archie xx


Archie: 18 Months Old

1 and a half years old. How has it been 6 months since Archie’s first birthday and only 6 months till his second birthday. This year is absolute flying by. This month Archie seems to of turned into such a toddler. He is running everywhere and into absolutely everything at the moment. He is learning so much every day and is now saying around 70/80 words. He understands various questions I ask him such as: “Would you like some milk?” “Have you done a poo poo?” “Can you see the tree?” ect. He is also understanding opposites such as Yes / No, Hot / Cold, On / Off. I cant believe how quickly he is growing up and new things he is learning every day.

Archie now has 16 teeth, everything bar the 2nd molars top and bottom. His hair is finally starting to grow a little bit more covering the top of his head now. He is still in size 12-18 months but some of his trousers are getting a bit short. 18-24 is too big round his skinny little waist. Hi feet have t again and he is now a 6F. This kid is going to cost me and arm and a leg in shoes with his feet growing this fast each month.

This month has been an exciting one. My godson and Archie’s best buddy turned 1, we are moving forward looking at flats and Callum has finally finished his work in Cardiff so we have him back at the weekends now. Unfortunately this month has also been a bitter one. My lovely Grandma and Archie’s Great Grandma suddenly passed away unexpectedly. So we have been organising her funeral and other arrangements.

The red arrows were part of the summer air show last week so we took Archie to go and see them as he is aeroplane obsessed. Unfortunately they were a little bit loud for him even with ear defenders (which he kept pulling off) so he was a little frightened when they got close but enjoyed it none the less. Its nice to finally have Callum home again so we can have some family time. It feels like forever since we have had proper family days out.


Next month I’m hoping to have some good news to report, if everything goes to plan and I can not wait to share with you a new journey in our life. Going to keep my lips sealed for now until everything is in place so we don’t jinx it.

Speak to you then.

Love Tilly and Archie xx