Anxieties Of Having A Second Child 

I’m not going to lie since planning our second child I have worried ALOT about how Archie will react and adapt to not being an only child.

For the first 2 years of his life he lived in a house with 4 other adults so he got a lot of attention. He was the first grandchild / nephew for both myself and Callum’s family so as you can imagine he was extremely spoilt for attention.

When discussing the idea of having another baby, I always worried about how it would affect Archie. Don’t get me wrong I know he will be an amazing big brother. He’s so kind and affectionate and absolutely loves babies. But I always hated the idea that he would feel left out or replaced. It is a worry I have had from the very beginning.

His whole world is going to change. He’s not going to be the only child any more. He’s not going to have my undivided attention day in and day out. There’s going to be another little piece to our family puzzle. His little brother or sister. And whilst I know he’s going to be the best big brother, that small part of me still feels guilt and sadness that it is a big change for him. He won’t be an only child any more. He’ll have to share his Mummy and Daddy as well as his time, house and all his belongings.

As my pregnancy has progressed and my tummy has got bigger, I have tried to explain to him as best I can what it’s going to be like to be a big brother. I want him to always feel involved and never pushed away. We build furniture for the baby together, shop for clothes or necessities and even hug and kiss my belly so he can start to bond with the baby. I hope that in doing these things then he will become slowly aware of the changes that are about to take place and it not be such a big shock when it happens.

I tell him every day how much I love him and how special he is to me, these are two things I never want him to forget or doubt.

It’s going to be a huge change for us all going from a family of three to a family of four and the dynamic is going to change a lot. But I can not wait to see where this journey takes us, to watch Archie perfect his role as a big brother and for our family to grow not only by size but by love also.

I know in my heart that the gift he is getting is a gift for life. He’ll love and appreciate his sibling just as we do him. The bond they will have is like no other and for that, I can not wait.

Love Tilly, Archie & Bump xx


The First Trimester: Baby #2

To say the first trimester hasn’t gone smoothly would be an understatement. Between emergency scans, bleeding and vomiting I’ve been suffering quite badly during these first 12 weeks.

Trying for a second baby we had in the back of our minds how badly the first trimester could go. With Archie I had Hypermesis Gravardium, bleeding and a lot of trips to the hospital. Obviously every pregnancy is different so we went into this with open minds that this time it might be plain sailing. How wrong we’re we.

My 1st trimester started off pretty well, I had no signs of pregnancy at all until I did a pregnancy test 4 days before I missed a period (curiosity got the better of me). After that I had no real signs until around week 8 when I started getting bad bouts of sickness. Sickness that would leave me bedbound and unable to sit up and unable to keep any fluids down. I had a few bad weeks of this until our 12 week scan.

During our 12 week scan, the sonography couldn’t get a clear enough picture of the baby to carry out all the checks so I had to have an internal scan. This is when we found out I was actually 11 weeks and 4 days pregnant instead of the 12 weeks and 2 days I thought I was. After the scan we were obviously over the moon to see we had a healthy baby growing nicely in there but I was in a bit of discomfort from the internal scan.

Fast forward 2 days and whilst at work I started bleeding heavily. Not just the kind of blood you would expect in early pregnancy, but full on heavy bleeding. To the point my work dress, tights and underwear were saturated. Naturally I panicked and rang callum in tears telling him I thought I was misscarrying.

After being rushed to A&E and getting assessed they booked me for a scan at a local early pregnancy unit the following morning and told me to rest up that night and control the pain with paracetamol and a hot water bottle.

The next morning we went along to the EPU  and had a scan where they told us that everything was perfectly fine. They couldn’t understand why I had such a heavy bleed. I was told I had a tilted placenta and that the bleed may well have been caused by having an internal scan as it was quite a lengthy scan but they couldn’t be sure. The main thing was that the baby was perfectly fine. I was informed that I had something called a subcohorbic collection and I was likely to haemorrhage within the next few days as there was a fair amount of blood surrounding the baby but not to worry as it doesn’t seem to be affecting it.

Luckily I didn’t have any more bleeding I took it easy for a few days, got lots of rest and made sure I wasn’t over doing it.

For the rest of my first trimester sickness knocked me for six. I was spending days at a time bed ridden, only able to get up to see the Dr for an antisickness injection. It was not a nice time and not only did it leave me feeling low and exhausted, I also felt awful for Archie as I couldn’t spend any time with him and I could see it was affecting him a lot. He didn’t want to leave me and would cry if he had to go to my parents or school. He constantly worried and asked me if I was still poorly and when I would be better.  The guilt this riddled me with was unbearable so I’m praying that the second trimester runs a little more smoothly than the first.

Let me know in the comments how you’ve found the first trimester and how you combated mum guilt with an older sibling.

Love Tilly, Archie and Little peach xxx

DIY Christmas Photoshoot.

I absolutely love taking photos of Archie especially during the festive season. They make great photos to put on the front of a Christmas card or even on in a frame as a gift. Both sets of Callum’s Grandparents and Great Grandparents love receiving a framed photo of Archie at Christmas.

I thought I would show you some of the photos I have taken of Archie this Christmas and how I got the shots.

I am by no means a photographer and my images are by no means perfect. I just try my best with what I’ve got and see what the end result comes out like.

To start with you need a decent background. This could be a plain background so that you can add decorations around it or it can be a ‘busy’ background such as in front of the Christmas tree. This year we decided to use a plain white background but last year we used the tree. For our background I used a white table with fair lights stuck round it and a white blanket on the floor.


Once you’ve got a background, establish what kind of props you need and how you want the photo to look. I decided to put Archie in a wrapped box for some photos and have him just sat down for others.

For this look I simply just wrapped up a box, put a light box in and a teddy Father Christmas. Popped a hat on Archie’s head and there we have it. It really couldn’t be more simple.

Before lighting was adjusted and shot was cropped.

We had so much fun taking these photos. Unfortunately I caught Archie at a bad time so he wanted  a nap and there was a lot of bribery with chocolate buttons. If you take some Christmas photos of your littles this year then please tag me in them so I can see how yours turned out.

Thanks for reading. Love Tilly & Archie xx

Thirty Facts About Me. 

  1. I have two sisters, we are triplets.
  2. My birthday is 22nd of May. I am 24 years old. P
  3. I live in a sunny town called Bournemouth in the South of England.
  4. We are currently in search of our first family home and are currently living with my parents, sister and two dogs (it’s definitely a squeeze).
  5. I have a son called Archie. He is my world. He was our little surprise bundle.
  6. When pregnant with Archie I 100% thought he was a girl, so much so we decided he was going to be called Amelia.
  7. I am most definitely not a morning person although having Archie has completely changed that.
  8. I want to have 2 more babies within the next 5 years to complete our little family.
  9. I have a Yorkshire Terrier puppy called Maximus and he is Archie’s best friend.
  10. Addicted to buying baby clothes.
  11. Obsessed with anything Shabby Chic, floral or Cath Kidston.
  12. Wagamamas is my favourite place to lunch. Katsu curry all the way.
  13. I have been with my boyfriend Callum for 2 and a half years. He is my rock.
  14. I take a ton of photographs. I currently have just over 7000 on my iPhone.
  15. Desperately trying to persuade Callum to buy me a Pashley bike.
  16. I watch an unhealthy amount of YouTube.
  17. My lucky number is #3.
  18. My favourite country I have visited is Cuba. It is absolutely beautiful.
  19. I am a godmother to my best friends gorgeous little boy Oakley.
  20. I started this blog 3 years ago as a place to document my thoughts and now I use it to document Archie’s life and the fun adventures we get up to.
  21. I would love to have twins. A boy and a girl.
  22. Spent a lot of time in hospital when pregnant with Archie with Hyoermesis Gravardium. This has not put me off having more children.
  23. One day I would love to have my own YouTube channel so I can look back on Archie growing up.
  24. I have a personal Instagram account and a public Instagram account.
  25. I love to organise events for other people.
  26. Dislike surprises.
  27. Summer is my favourite season. I hate it when I get cold and get super grumpy.
  28. Completely obsessed with Netflix. So much so my friends text me asking what to watch.
  29. I want to be married before I’m 30. Still waiting for a ring. You have 6 years Callum.
  30. Have an amazing set of friends and family who mean the absolute world to me.

Love Tilly & Archie xx

Archie: 13 Months Old.

A whole month ago my baby turned 1. These months seem to be passing by quicker than I can keep up with. I have a 13 month old baby. Is he still even a baby or is he now classed as a toddler? Where does the defining moment come when they are no longer babies and move on to the world of toddlers? This is a scary thought. For now, he’s my baby.

I feel like now he’s over the age of 1 things are starting to slow down. He’s not doing as many new things each month as he has been previously. I’m wondering whether to stop these monthly updates. I know a lot of the time I am late posting, but they are nice to look back on and reflect onto. I find myself going back and reading my posts from the first few months of this life and what he was doing. It’s like reliving the memories. I just don’t want to be repeating myself every month and the posts becoming boring as I have nothing to report. Maybe I’ll just still write the posts but set them to private, or just post every couple of months. What do you guys think? Seriously need help with this.

Archie is still sleeping 11-12 hours a night although he seems to be napping more now. He will generally have an hour and a half nap mid morning and then an hour nap late afternoon. He is taking himself off to bed and settling himself for naps instead of me putting him down. I think he is a lot more tired now he is on the move more.

Bottles are exactly the same as before, although sometimes in the evening he will have 10oz instead of 9. Morning and bedtime milk is in bottles but he will occasionally have a beaker of milk with his breakfast if he has cereal. His meal times and meal options are exactly the same although I have starter giving him bigger portions recently as he seems to be hungry all the time. This boy seriously has worms.

Can FINALLY report and say Archie is walking!! He prefers to walk holding on to one of my fingers if we are out but is able to walk alone also. He is so funny when he walks he totters from side to side shaking his bum. At home he will walk around the sofas like he has been doing for months but he will also let go and stand in front of the TV shouting at it and dancing. He has now realised he can reach a hell of a lot more walking and standing but can get places quicker if he crawls.

Archie’s speech his really improved this month, not only is he saying new words but words he previously said he is saying a lot more and much more clearly. He is picking up things very fast and repeating the most random things back to us. He will also clap, wave, and point when things excite him which is the cutest thing ever (busses are his fave). We are working on body parts at the moment and in the past two weeks Archie has learnt where his head and nose are so if you ask him to point to them he will point to it on himself and then you. I cant believe how clever he is (maybe all babies are like this) but I burst with pride at how quickly he is learning new things and how far he is coming.

Next time we do an update will probably be Archie’s 14 month update. So until then, take care.


Tilly & Archie



Mummy Talk: Cosatto Giggle 2 Review. 

Now I have had my pushchair for a full year, I feel it is a good time to review it. The pushchair I have got is the Cosatto Giggle 2 Travel System in the style Firebird. Origionally  when I first purchased this pushchair I had it in the colour Oaker, unfortunately I broke the brake with in the first 10 weeks of using it and the colour had since been discontinued.


When shopping for pushchairs I didn’t want to go for something big and bulky as I was limited with space in my boot, and I also wanted something of good value for money. I knew I wanted a travel system but I didn’t have a clue what I was looking for.

When I came across the Cosatto Giggle 2 I was shocked by how much you get for your money. Included in the price of £470 you get, chassey, carry cot, pushchair, changing bag with messy bag, rain covers and cosy toes. Comparing this to other pushchairs I noticed that these additional items often came at a further expense. At the time I purchased my travel system, the hold car seat came at a further cost of £125. Now mothercare are doing an offer where the car seat comes for free which is a fantastic offer.

Even though I have had problems with the brake on my pushchair I have researched and found that this is not a common problem in Cosatto pushchairs and I have just been unfortunate. I absolutely love my pushchair and I’m so glad I opted for this one.

Being a travel system it is so easy to assemble and collapse. The wheels are detachable making it that bit smaller to store away. The carrycot, chair and car seat all attatch to the chassey with two simple buttons making it super easy to transport your sleeping baby from car to pushchair.

All in all I would highly recommend this beautiful pushchair and we will definitely be keeping hold of ours for future babies.

Love Tilly & Archie


Archie: 12 Months



How is it possible, my tiny 6lb 11oz baby is one whole year old. 12 whole months. 352 Days. 8760 Hours. 525600 Minutes.

This month has been a roller-coaster of party arrangements, and spending quality time with my baby before he turned the big O N E. We have been swimming, the oceanarium, the beach, the park, and had visits from my sister.

I have been very emotional the last 4 week. Turning one just seems like such a huge milestone, bigger than any that Archie has achieved so far. Not only have I had Archie in my life for a whole year, but I have raised a baby, a healthy happy baby, and done a pretty good job of it. This isn’t just a milestone for Archie, but it is a milestone for myself and Callum also.

Archie is still sleeping 11 – 12 hour nights, goes for bed at 7 wakes up anywhere between 6 and 7. Nap wise he has dropped his nap first thing in the morning. He either has a 1 hour nap late morning or he has one mid afternoon. It is a struggle to get him to nap now, he is far too interested in everything else going on and scared he is going to miss something.

Bottles are still only happening first thing in the morning around 6.30am and at bedtime around 7.30pm, both bottles having 9oz of cows milk. He will then have breakfast at around 9:30am, either toast, weetabix and banana, cereal or fruit. Then he will have lunch around 12.30 – 1.00pm, tuna past, or sandwiches with fruit yoghurt and rice cakes. Occasionally if he wants an afternoon snack he will have it around 3.00 – 4.00 and will normally be a banana or rice cake and then finally dinner at 5.00pm which can be anything from tuna pasta, fishfingers, potato and peas, chicken / beef and veg. He is very into his food and will normally try absolutely anything at least once. His favourite thing to snack on is either cheese or banana. I’m so lucky to have a child who is so good with is food.

Archie is still crawling and cruising everywhere, although I think he will definitely be walking soon. He can walk with his walker and stands without holding onto anything but as soon as he realises he freaks out and falls to the floor. I think it is more of a confidence thing rather than his being unable to physically do it.

I will be putting up another post with Archie’s Birthday Celebrations in as it is far too much for one post.

I just want to thank everyone for being apart of our journey for a whole year. Cant wait to see how much my little monkey grows in the next year.


Tilly & Archie


Archie: 11 Months. 

 11 months old. These months are starting to merge together. I’m scared to blink my baby is growing up too fast. This time next month he will be 1. How crazy is that. I am beyond excited yet extremely emotional.

Archie now weighs 20lbs 11oz. This month we’ve cracked dropping a bottle. Lunch time bottle is now gone and replaced with a snack.

Bottle wise Archie now has a 7oz bottle in the morning and a 7oz bottle before bed. For food he will have breakfast (generally porridge or weetabix with banana) lunch ( sandwiches, cheese, grapes, rice wafer) snack in the afternoon and then dinner (chicken/beef veg and sweet potato or tuna pasta with broccoli and tomato are his fave).

Archie is crawling, cruising and very nearly walking. I think we are going to have a little toddler on our hands before his first birthday. He can walk with his walker and holding onto anything but hasn’t quite got the confidence to let go and walk by himself.

This month has been quite a quiet month. We haven’t been out a hell of a lot as the weather has been bad and in trying to have a good month with money as Christmas was last month and archies first birthday is next.

We have done ALOT of birthday planning and I am so so excited to celebrate my sons first birthday next month.

This month we have also:

  • Been to the oceanarium
  • Soft play
  • Swimming
  • Celebrated Archie’s buddy’s 1st birthday
  • Fed the ducks
  • Lots of beach walks

Archies personality is shining through every single day. He is a cheeky chappy and such a loveable happy little boy. He is changing so so much each and every day and I am enjoying every second of being his Mummy and watching him grow.

Our next monthly update will be Archie’s first birthday which I have got a lot of posts planned.

Enjoy your month and see you soon.

Tilly & Archie xx

100 Things I did In 2015:

Last year and the year before I wrote blog posts on 100 Things I did in 2013 and 100 Things I did in 2014. Keeping with tradition I thought I would reflect on the past year and make a list of all the things I did in 2015.

  1. Had a baby shower
  2. Gave birth to my son and became parents for the first time
  3. Newborn baby photo shoot
  4. Started our breastfeeding journey
  5. Baby massage classes
  6. Numerous health visitor trips
  7. Archie got christened
  8. Dog walks
  9. Callum’s 1st Fathers Day
  10. My 1st Mothers Day
  11. Max turned 2
  12. Lazy afternoons
  13. Trip to Bristol to see Callum’s family
  14. Picnics with Callum and Archie
  15. Family walks
  16. Got a new family car
  17. Took Archie to build a bear
  18. Showed Archie off to anyone and everyone who would listen
  19. Asked my best friend to be Archie’s God mum
  20. Duck feeding
  21. Celebrated our last Valentine’s Day as a couple before our boy arrived
  22. Cleaned up a ton of poop and puke
  23. Watched Callum play football
  24. Celebrated my 23rd birthday
  25. Went to Longleat Safari Park for my birthday
  26. Birthday afternoon tea with my girls
  27. Got my first pandora bracelet and started collecting charms
  28. Celebrated one of my good friends 30th birthday
  29. Trips to the park
  30. Started the year heavily pregnant and feeling like a whale
  31. Beach trips
  32. Snow days
  33. Built cots and nursery furniture
  34. Children’s birthday parties
  35. Trips to the German bar
  36. Tried and failed to make cake pops
  37. Dyed my hair dark brown
  38. Got a full fringe cut in
  39. Dinner dates with the best friend
  40. Open mic nights
  41. Had lots and lots of Archie cuddles
  42. Family time
  43. Signed up to Netflix
  44. Watched hours upon hours of Tiny Pop
  45. Cherished every day with my boy
  46. Wriggle and rhyme at our local library (baby group)
  47. Archie had a sit in a fire engine
  48. Started mortgage application process
  49. House hunting
  50. Went to the oceanarium a ton of times
  51. Changed my pushchair
  52. Play days
  53. Went to my best friends baby shower
  54. My best friend had her 2nd little boy
  55. Visits from the sissy
  56. Trips to the arcades
  57. Date nights with get boyfriend
  58. Trips to the cinema
  59. Went to Marwell Zoo with all the family
  60. Another good friend had her 2nd boy
  61. Started our weaning journey
  62. Started Archie’s swimming lessons
  63. Trips to the grandparents
  64. Learned a heck of a lot in regards to being a Mum
  65. Got a new job
  66. Started work park time
  67. Job went permanent
  68. Changed my life for the better
  69. Witnessed Callum’s best friend get married
  70. Loved more than I’ve ever loved
  71. Family BBQs in the summer
  72. Soft play dates with my boy
  73. Grew closer with my boyfriend/best friend
  74. Trip to Upton Country Park
  75. Laughed a heck of a lot
  76. Mastered bed time routine, weaning, breastfeeding and nap times
  77. Went to town on Halloween
  78. Went pumpkin picking  and carved pumpkins
  79. Took Archie trick or treating on Halloween
  80. Celebrates Callum turning 25
  81. Celebrated new year with family and family friends at home
  82. Started planning Archie’s first Christmas and birthday
  83. Lots and lots of play dates
  84. Knee deep in baby clothes washing
  85. Started buying bits for our new house
  86. Trips toTewkesbury to see Callum’s family
  87. Spoilt Archie
  88. Harry Potter marathon
  89. Celebrated our friends 21st birthday pub golf style
  90. Lost some friends
  91. Shopping trips
  92. Had my works Christmas party
  93. Numerous dentist appointment
  94. Made Christmas plates
  95. Wrote letters to Santa
  96. Took Archie on a merry go round
  97. Take Archie to visit Santa
  98. Celebrate Archie’s first Christmas
  99. Watched my beautiful son grow and pass milestones throughout the year
  100. Met some amazing new mums who have become a huge part in mine and Archie’s life.

This blog post has been the hardest one to write yet. Although my year feels like it has been jam packed, looking back its been similar days each week. We’ve had a heck of a year, giving birth to our first child, learning to become a family of 3 and loving this little fella more and more each and every day. We’ve watched him grown from a tiny baby to a 10 month boy crawling talking and trying to walk. This has by far been the best year of my life and I can’t wait to see what next year holds for us.

Love Tily & Archie xx