The Second Trimester: Baby #2

What a whirlwind the second trimester has been. Starting it off having our 20 week scan and finishing it off celebrating Archie’s 3rd Birthday.

Sickness massively subsided this trimester thank goodness meaning I could finally start enjoying my pregnancy rather than wishing the days away with my head down the toilet.

Unfortunately I had another couple of bleeds resulting in more hospital visits and monitoring. Baby seems to be completely fine and it is not affecting its growth or health at all but is just a worry as not to sure where it is coming from.

During the second trimester I have started suffering quite badly from sciatica. Most days I am crippled on the sofa or in bed by the end of the day due to the pain that I am in. Unfortunately there isn’t really anything that can help this other than physio, support belts and trying to take it easy but that’s easier said than done when I work in retail and I have a toddler to chase.

I can’t believe how quickly this trimester has flown by. Whilst some days feel like they drag, over all the time has gone very quickly and we are now on the homestretch to meeting our little peach.

With the extra energy I’ve had this trimester I have made a conscious effort to take Archie out and enjoy our time together before he has to share my attention with a little brother or sister. We’ve been on plenty of walks, coffee and cake dates and soft play mornings so he can spend as much time with me as possible. I feel that this is really important because I want him to have fun memories with me before his sibling arrives as well as after. Obviously when the baby is born it is going to be a little difficult to get some one on one time with Archie straight away so I don’t want him to think he has missed out and take out alone time together for granted.

Archie can not wait to become a big brother and often asks when his brother or sister is going to be here.

We’re so excited to meet our little bundle and can’t wait for the next trimester to fly by.

Love Tilly, Archie & Peach xxx


The First Trimester: Baby #2

To say the first trimester hasn’t gone smoothly would be an understatement. Between emergency scans, bleeding and vomiting I’ve been suffering quite badly during these first 12 weeks.

Trying for a second baby we had in the back of our minds how badly the first trimester could go. With Archie I had Hypermesis Gravardium, bleeding and a lot of trips to the hospital. Obviously every pregnancy is different so we went into this with open minds that this time it might be plain sailing. How wrong we’re we.

My 1st trimester started off pretty well, I had no signs of pregnancy at all until I did a pregnancy test 4 days before I missed a period (curiosity got the better of me). After that I had no real signs until around week 8 when I started getting bad bouts of sickness. Sickness that would leave me bedbound and unable to sit up and unable to keep any fluids down. I had a few bad weeks of this until our 12 week scan.

During our 12 week scan, the sonography couldn’t get a clear enough picture of the baby to carry out all the checks so I had to have an internal scan. This is when we found out I was actually 11 weeks and 4 days pregnant instead of the 12 weeks and 2 days I thought I was. After the scan we were obviously over the moon to see we had a healthy baby growing nicely in there but I was in a bit of discomfort from the internal scan.

Fast forward 2 days and whilst at work I started bleeding heavily. Not just the kind of blood you would expect in early pregnancy, but full on heavy bleeding. To the point my work dress, tights and underwear were saturated. Naturally I panicked and rang callum in tears telling him I thought I was misscarrying.

After being rushed to A&E and getting assessed they booked me for a scan at a local early pregnancy unit the following morning and told me to rest up that night and control the pain with paracetamol and a hot water bottle.

The next morning we went along to the EPU  and had a scan where they told us that everything was perfectly fine. They couldn’t understand why I had such a heavy bleed. I was told I had a tilted placenta and that the bleed may well have been caused by having an internal scan as it was quite a lengthy scan but they couldn’t be sure. The main thing was that the baby was perfectly fine. I was informed that I had something called a subcohorbic collection and I was likely to haemorrhage within the next few days as there was a fair amount of blood surrounding the baby but not to worry as it doesn’t seem to be affecting it.

Luckily I didn’t have any more bleeding I took it easy for a few days, got lots of rest and made sure I wasn’t over doing it.

For the rest of my first trimester sickness knocked me for six. I was spending days at a time bed ridden, only able to get up to see the Dr for an antisickness injection. It was not a nice time and not only did it leave me feeling low and exhausted, I also felt awful for Archie as I couldn’t spend any time with him and I could see it was affecting him a lot. He didn’t want to leave me and would cry if he had to go to my parents or school. He constantly worried and asked me if I was still poorly and when I would be better.  The guilt this riddled me with was unbearable so I’m praying that the second trimester runs a little more smoothly than the first.

Let me know in the comments how you’ve found the first trimester and how you combated mum guilt with an older sibling.

Love Tilly, Archie and Little peach xxx


My role as an only child is coming to an end, because mummy is expecting my new best friend. 

We’re adding a little more love to our family. 

Baby Smith #2 due May 2018 ❤️