Toddler Gift Guide. 

This year Archie is going to be 22 months old at Christmas. I looked online for some present ideas but for one year olds they were too young for him and for two year olds they were slightly too old.

I decided to put together a list of items that we have got Archie this year. We haven’t gone crazy on presents as last year he got far to many for his birthday and Christmas which he still plays with and we don’t have the room to store them.

We tried to go for things that he could play with throughout the year so things that were slightly too old for him now that would benefit him in a couple of months and things he can play with now.

We spent a fair amount of money on his sack from Father Christmas rather than presents from us as we knew this is something he would enjoy more and find more magical.

Below is a list of things we got Archie from us. I will writing a separate post with stocking filler ideas.

1. Micro Mini 3 in 1 Scooter – John Lewis £89.99

micro-mini-scooterWe decided to get this for Archie as he has a trike already and a ride on. This scooter is recommended for ages between 1 and 3. The seat and round handle can be removed when the child is able to balance properly and the handle bar can be attached for the child to use between  and 5 years. The seat is height adjustable which is a big hit for us as Archie is tall for his age. The scooter also comes in green, blue, and pink.


2. Fisher Price Talking Bing – Very £16.99

bingI actually got this for Archie from Sainsbury’s during the half price toy event a couple of months ago for £15. I have however found it on Very for £16.99 which is the cheapest place I can find it now. When pressing Bings tummy he sings and said lots of fun things. The recommended age for this is 2 years.


4. Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Mobile Phone £11.00thomas-mobile-phone

Archie actually saw this and asked for it when we was doing a spot of Christmas shopping in Boots. Luckily it is included in the 3 for 2 deal so I managed to get it for free. I have put this away as a little extra for him as I don’t normally let him get toys when he asks for them when were out shopping. He absolutely loves talking on the phone to people and will literally use any object and pretend it is a phone. It has a large easy to press keypad which plays sounds and lots of phrases from Thomas and Friends. Recommended for ages 18+ Months.

5. Diddy the Dinosaur & Mickey the Monkey Hand Puppets – WH Smith £7.9monkey-puppet9 each. 

Last year for Christmas I got Archie some puppets from WH Smith, a hedgehog and a fox, and he absolutely loves them. He thinks it is hilarious to have puppet shows and put on silly voices so I got a couple more for 38430077_1the collection. This year I have gone for  a monkey and a dinosaur. They are suitable from birth so that is a massive hit as any age can benefit from these furry friends.


6.Thomas & Friends Story Carry Case – M&S £8.99thomas-and-friends-book

As you can probably tell Archie is obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine. I saw this carry case of 5 story books in M&S and just had to get it. I love that Archie can
carry this case around with him and take his books on his adventures rather than  have them shoved in my bag. This item does state that it is not suitable for children under 36 months but he will be supervised when using them.


I’m going to leave the Toddler Gift Guide list there as I have got Archie a few other bits but they are little little bits personal to him that he will love.

If you have any ideas of gifts you think Archie will enjoy then please leave suggestions in the comments below, his birthday is in February and I’m stuck for ideas.

Thanks for reading.

Love Tilly & Archie xx



Archie: 21 Months Old


21 months old. I feel like every month I am just saying the same thing to you guys. Writing the same updates just on a different month. I think I am going to continue these monthly updates until Archie’s 2nd Birthday then I will only update as and when there is something to  update.

For now though I’ll update you all on all the things we’ve been up to this month and how Archie has changed. Archie’s speech has come on massively this month. He can now string a sentences of 3-4 words together. He is repeating everything he hears, words and sounds, and they are sticking with him.

I weighed Archie this month and he is 27lbs although he feels so much heavier. He is in 18-24 month clothes although some handmade clothes he has are made in size 2-3 as they come up smaller.

We have had quite a busy month this month, we’ve had Callum’s parents come visit us, we’ve been to visit them, had Halloween with pumpkin picking and Callum’s birthday. It feels like this month has flown by where we have been so busy.

Unfortunately Archie has become a little clingy this month. Both Callum and myself have been working a lot and putting in a lot of overtime at work to get money for our house. I think this mixed with going away and mixing up our normal routine has put him out of sorts. I’m hoping it doesn’t last too long as it breaks my heart when I have to leave him for work.

Archie is still loving arts and crafts this month. We have done a lot of colouring, painting, sticking and ripping. We have made so many things to put with our families Christmas presents, but I will share them in a post through blogmas.

The weather has finally changed and it feels like proper winter. The air is crisp and there are frosty mornings. We have spent a lot of time going to the park and playing in the leaves, going for wintry walks down the beach and jumping in puddles. I’m finding it really hard at the moment to wear Archie out. If you have any suggestions please leave them below of fun things we can do to keep Archie entertained and wear him out when the weather is bad. This Mummy is running out of ideas.

Love Tilly & Archie xx


Archie: 20 Months Old. 

Its been 2 years this months since we found out we were having a baby boy and what a 2 years it has been. Archie is now 20 months old. This feels so much older than 19 months. Archie is getting scarily close to 2 now. In 4 short months I’m going to have a 2 year old and I can already tell it’s going to absolutely fly by. With Christmas half way through that and hopefully a house move, it is going to be a crazy few months that’s for sure.

This month we have tackled the bottles. Archie is no longer having bottles at bedtime and in the morning but instead having a sippy cup of milk. He actually did this himself with out us even trying to. Unfortunately he had a fall in John Lewis a couple of weeks ago where he split his chin open cut the roof of his mouth and chipped a tooth. When it came to bedtime that night, his mouth was too sore to suck on the teat of a bottle so I put his milk in one of his cups he uses in the day which he took fine. The next morning the same thing happened so I gave him his cup and he didn’t notice it wasn’t a bottle. So since then I haven’t offered the bottle just given him his milk in a cup and packed the bottles away.

Activity wise we haven’t actually done a lot this month. Callum and I have done a lot of house viewings on the weekends which pretty much rights off the whole weekend as Saturday is the only day we all have together as I work Sundays. Around house viewings we have had many park dates, beach walks and autumnal activities.

One of Archie’s favourite things to do at the moment is arts and crafts. He could spend hours colouring, sticking stickers and painting. We have made lots of masterpiece recently with finger painting, leaf sticking, pumpkin painting and colouring. I love to sit back and watch what Archie does when put in front of crafts and the pictures he makes. To see him explore the colours and learn what each activity creates.

Archie’s vocabulary is coming on amazingly. He repeats everything he hears now. He can count up to 3, name 3 colours; blue, red and green, can tell you what sound a dozen animals make and can say well over 100 words.  I cant believe how fast he is growing up he is turning into a proper little boy. Nearly all of his baby traits are being replaced by big boy traits and as much as I love watching him grow into a clever little boy I wish time would slow down.

Archie is still in some 12-18 clothing but mainly in 18-24 now, all be it is a little big. Hes so skinny yet so tall that he needs the size up for length but the trousers are forever falling down. I got his feet measured this week as he had grown out of his Vans and he is now a 6.5F. This boy is going to cost us a fortune in shoes. He grows out of them every 4-6 weeks.

I cant wait to see what the next month brings with our little whirlwind.

Love Tilly & Archie xx

Archie: 19 Months Old. 

Another month has flown past and another month I am left wondering where the month has gone. I know I say this every month but Archie has grown up so much this last month. He is changing so much each day he is a proper little boy now.

Time itself doesn’t seem to of moved as fast this month yet the amount Archie has grown is crazy. I got Archie weighed this week (all be it on the scales at the vets) and he is now weighing 26 lbs. Weight wise he is quite small for his age but he is so so tall.

Archie can now say and show you where his body parts are including: eyes, nose, ears, hair, head, belly, fingers, toes, hands and feet. He has only learnt this in the last week and started showing me himself without me asking him.

His vocabulary is really coming on now. He can speak well over 100 words. Every single day he is repeating something he hears from either Callum or I or on TV. We really have to be careful what we say around him now because he is picking things up so quickly now.

This month has been an exciting one. Archie got to be page boy at his Godfathers wedding and Callum was best man. I cant even begin to tell you how much I could burst with pride watching his walk down the aisle with the bridesmaids, but I will save all that for a seperate post.

StompStamp Inkless Handprint Footprint Kit Review. 

For Archie’s 1st Christmas he received this beautify Stomp Stamp Inkless handprint and footprint kit from his Godmother.

I was saving it for his first birthday so I could document the size of his hands and feet at a year old but I completely forgot I had it until this week.

I have been putting off doing the kit as I am at home on my own all day and I  thoughr that I would need Callum here to help me hold Archie still to get a good print.

Today I decided to just go for it. I mean what’s the worst that could happen? I could mess it up and have to rebuy it. It is very affordable at £8.95 from Not on the Highstreet.

The box comes with two pieces of special paper, a wipe (to make the imprint) and a piece of card which you can record name weight date of birth and age on.

It is so easy to do, you simply use the special wipe all over your child’s hand or foot and then press it down on the card. Be careful not to touch the card with your hand that you touched the wipe with as you’ll leave your print also.

It took us less than 5 minutes to complete and the prints look beautiful. I can’t wait to frame them and display them in Archie’s room. It really is a lovely touch. I highly recommend this set and wish I had one from newborn.

Love Tilly and Archie xx

Archie: 18 Months Old

1 and a half years old. How has it been 6 months since Archie’s first birthday and only 6 months till his second birthday. This year is absolute flying by. This month Archie seems to of turned into such a toddler. He is running everywhere and into absolutely everything at the moment. He is learning so much every day and is now saying around 70/80 words. He understands various questions I ask him such as: “Would you like some milk?” “Have you done a poo poo?” “Can you see the tree?” ect. He is also understanding opposites such as Yes / No, Hot / Cold, On / Off. I cant believe how quickly he is growing up and new things he is learning every day.

Archie now has 16 teeth, everything bar the 2nd molars top and bottom. His hair is finally starting to grow a little bit more covering the top of his head now. He is still in size 12-18 months but some of his trousers are getting a bit short. 18-24 is too big round his skinny little waist. Hi feet have t again and he is now a 6F. This kid is going to cost me and arm and a leg in shoes with his feet growing this fast each month.

This month has been an exciting one. My godson and Archie’s best buddy turned 1, we are moving forward looking at flats and Callum has finally finished his work in Cardiff so we have him back at the weekends now. Unfortunately this month has also been a bitter one. My lovely Grandma and Archie’s Great Grandma suddenly passed away unexpectedly. So we have been organising her funeral and other arrangements.

The red arrows were part of the summer air show last week so we took Archie to go and see them as he is aeroplane obsessed. Unfortunately they were a little bit loud for him even with ear defenders (which he kept pulling off) so he was a little frightened when they got close but enjoyed it none the less. Its nice to finally have Callum home again so we can have some family time. It feels like forever since we have had proper family days out.


Next month I’m hoping to have some good news to report, if everything goes to plan and I can not wait to share with you a new journey in our life. Going to keep my lips sealed for now until everything is in place so we don’t jinx it.

Speak to you then.

Love Tilly and Archie xx


Archie: 17 Months Old.

Archie is now weighing 23lbs 12oz. He doesn’t seem to be putting on that much weight at the moment even though he is eating me out of house and home. He is so so active and on the go all the time I think he burns off everything he eats.

Archie is still in size 12-18 month clothing although he has just moved up to 18-24 month PJs as his footed ones were getting a bit tight. I took Archie to Clarkes a couple of weeks ago to get his feet measured and he is now a massive size 5.5E. He has got such big feet and they just seem to be getting bigger and bigger everyday. He has a new pair of Clarkes shoes I managed to bag in the sale but I don’t think they are going to last him very long at all the rate his feet are growing.

Every day Archie is saying more and more words, I cant even count how many he can say anymore as I have just lost count. It must be around 50. He has FINALLY started sprouting some hair although it is very blonde and teeth are popping up from nowhere including them pesky molars.

This month we have had a fairly busy month. We have visited Callum’s Auntie and Uncle in Bristol, Callum’s parents have been to visit and I’ve been in hospital. Callum is still working away this month every weekend in Cardiff so we have been trying to make the most of the evenings together.

We have started to have some warmer weather in Bournemouth this month so we have been making the most of spending days outside. Archie absolutely loves his paddling pool in the garden, he runs towards it and belly flops into the water.

If any of you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you would notice that we have been viewing houses and flats recently. Trying to buy a property in Bournemouth is near on impossible at the moment. Everything is either too expensive or there are no properties being built. At the moment it feels like were at a dead end but I’m hoping next month we will be able to say we have found somewhere.

We took a trip to Honeybrook farm recently with my sister and her friend Stacy. Archie absolutely loves it here (even if he did fall face first in pig poo). There is a massive grass area where Archie can have a run around, picnic benches , a splash area, park and obviously all the farm animals. We have come here a few times this summer already. It is definitely a place to visit to wear the kids out.


Sorry it is such a short post this month. Things have been a bit rubbish with me being poorly and house hunting. Feeling rather deflated at the moment.

Love Tilly and Archie xx






Collective Haul: Summer Sales. 

I absolutely love the sales and every time there is an end of season sale I splurge on clothes for Archie in the next size up.

Over the past week I have been doing some online shopping and hitting the sales. Here are my bargains I purchased.

Next 2-3 Years £2.50
Boots 12-18 Months £6
M&S 18-24 Months £8
M&S 2-3 £4
Boots 18-24  Months £6
George at Asda 18-24 £1
George Asda 2-3 £1
Unknown 2-3
M&S 2-3 £3.50
Next 2-3 £3.50
Next 2-3 £3.50
Tu at Sainsburys £3
Turtldove London 2-3
Turtledove London 2-3
Turtledove London 2-3
Mothercare 2-3 £4
M&S 2-3 £5


Clarkes 5.5F £13.00

Hope you enjoyed having a snoop at some of the things I jave bought for Archie over the last couple of weeks.

Love Tilly & Archie xx


Toddler Clothing Haul: Tu Sale

I am absolutely obsessed with buying Archie clothes and when there is a sale on I’m even worse. On Tuesday my friend had given me the heads up that Sainsbury’s had up to 50% off of TU clothing in store and online. As I was passing by it on the way home I decided to stop in. I didn’t have much time to browse as Archie was extremely grumpy and needed a nap but I managed to stay in there for half an hour. There were so many things on offer I didn’t even know where to start. Here is what I purchased:

Blue Jersey Shorts 2-3 Years £3.50
Stripe Polo T’Shitt 2-3 Years £2.50
2 Pack Cotton Shorts 2-3 Years £3.00
Daddy’s Little Monster T’Shirt 2-3 Years £3.50 (Not in the Sale)
Explore T’Shirt 2-3 Years £3.50 (Not in the Sale)
London Bus T’shirt 2-3 Years £1.50
Grey Cuffed Joggers 2-3 Years £3.00

I sized up on all the items as I had already purchased a whole drawer full of 18-24 months for Archie so I’m starting to stock up on things for next year.

I absolutely love TU clothes, they are a great value for money, wash well and always have beautiful designs. It is definitely one of my favourite supermarkets to buy toddler clothes from.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I have picked up for Archie recently. Ill be sure to do more haul posts in the future if this is something that you would like to see. Let me know in the comments either way.

Love Tilly & Archie xx