Road Trip, Tears & A Whole Lot Of Surprises 

As you all know I am a triplet and one of my sisters Lucy is currently travelling Australia.

A couple of months ago she text both me and our other sister Kirstie stating that she wanted to surprise our Mum and Dad and return before they think she is due back.

After months of planning, keeping secrets and trying to find reasons to give Mum & Dad, the day came where we surprised them.

Early in the morning Kirstie, Archie and I drove to Heathrow airport to collect Lucy and brought her back to my house.

Trying to get Mum and Dad over proved to be extremely difficult. Not knowing that Lucy was coming home, they made plans. Mum was sorting out the washing and Dad had gone to golf so we had to hide her at my house for a few hours until they were ready to come over.

I told them that I wanted them to come over for dinner and that we could make welcome home banners for Lucy as they thought she was coming home the following day. Once they turned up I got them to sit on the sofa and told them that Archie had drawn them a picture and to close their eyes. Once they opened their eyes Lucy was in front of them with a banner saying ‘SURPRISE’.

The whole plan worked and Mum and Dad had no idea what was going on and were so shocked to see Lucy home.

Here is a little video I put together with clips from the day and my parents reactions to seeing Lucy.


Hope you enjoyed it.

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Love Tilly & Archie xx


A Letter To Archie on His 1st Day At Pre-School

To Archie,

You are 2 years and 6 months old and you are about to embark on yet another new chapter in your life. Your first day of pre-school.

Mummy can’t even begin to tell you how proud I am of you. Your clever, kind, caring and oh so loving. Every single day you amaze me. The things you come out with or the way you act. Watching you grow up is my greatest joy. You bring a smile to my face and tears to my eyes.

Don’t be worried when you see Mummy cry today. I am crying because I’ll miss you. I am crying because I am putting my trust in someone else to care for you. I am crying because I am bursting with pride and excitement for you.

I want you to enjoy your new class. To learn and to play. To make new friends and have little adventures of your own. To become independent and to grow without me by your side.

I love you Archie, you’ll forever be my little boy.

Love your VERY proud Mummy xx