Moving Hacks

Having just bought our first house, I have been trowelling the internet looking for tips on moving house. I have lived with my parents for 24 years so this is going to be the first time I move house. Callum however has moved around since a young age due to his parents being in the army.

I am going to share with you my favourite moving and packing hacks and how they benefited us.


My number one tip for moving house which can be done before moving is to have a massive clear out. Now is the perfect time to clear out junk you haven’t used in forever, clothes you haven’t worn and rubbish you have accumulated over time. Make a keep, dump and donate pile. Dump the rubbish and donate the rest. When pulling rooms apart you find a lot of stuff that’s been forgotten about. If you haven’t used it in a year chances are you wont use it again. Get rid. This is also a good time to return items you may have borrowed from friends and family. 

2. Use materials to wrap. 

This is going to save you a fortune on bubble wrap. We didn’t buy any bubble wrap to move with and just used bits we had from Christmas presents we ordered online. All our kitchen dishes, glassware, ornaments and breakables we wrapped up in dishcloths, towels, scarfs and clothing. Not only does this save money on bubble wrap and tissue paper, it also saves space on packing as your packing two things at once.

3. Use things you have already to store items.

Instead of buying cardboard boxes to move, we used the things we already had. Wicker baskets, plastic containers, shoe boxes and boxes we had lying around from online orders. Everything that can be filled fill. Shoes can be stuffed with socks to save space. Handbags, shoppers and suitcases are great examples of ways to transport your clothing or items without having to purchase boxes.

4. Free boxes.

Following on from packing up, if you still have things that need to be packed or that are too big to fit in your smaller bags, then collect free boxes. Most supermarkets such a M&S, Asda, Sainsburys and Tesco are always happy to give you free cardboard boxes when requested.

5. Don’t take your clothes off the hangers. 

I don’t really have many clothes that I hang but Callum does so this benefited him more than me. Leave your clothes on the hangers, put a bin bag over the clothes and tie at the top so all clothing is stacked together and ready to just hang in new house and remove bin bags. This saves time both ends of having to fold and re hang your clothing.

6. Label every box.

One of the mot important thing to do once youve packed up your boxes is to label them with room names. There is nothing worse than hauling a heavy box up the stairs to the bedroom when it is meant for the kitchen. This way when everyone is helping you move they know which box needs to go in which room.

7. Label every wire. 

When moving house make sure you label every wire. Put an elastic band with a tag on stating what each wire is for. That way no wires will get confused when unpacking again.

8. Take photos. 

Take photos of what things look like and how they are set up. Before dismantling things take a photo of what it looks likes up and how it was decorated. This will save time when putting things back together in the new house.

9. Essentials Bag

Pack the essentials you are going to need in a bag. Things you will need immediately after moving in. Change of clothing, toothbrush, chargers ect. Leave that bag in your own car in case removal van takes longer to arrive than you do. This is a tip a friend of mine gave me which we didn’t need to use as we didn’t use a removal company, but I still think it’s a great tip so I couldn’t resist sharing. 

10. Sort Screws.

A tip that my Dad gave me was to sort the screws. Make sure that when dismantling something you keep all the screws for that item in a sandwich bag. Write on the sandwich bag what the screws are for and attach it to the item. This saves you hunting for the correct screws when putting it back up again.

There you have my top 10 tips for packing and moving house. Next week I will post on moving with a toddler.

Thanks for reading.

Love Tilly & Archie xx


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