Moving House With A Toddler. 

I’m not going to lie, one of the things I was most worried about when moving house was Archie. How was he going to cope? Would he settle in ok? How would we move everything in without him getting in the way? What would he be like just having his Mummy and Daddy around instead of his Nanny, Grandad and Aunties?

It turns out I had nothing to worry about at all. He was absolutely amazing during the whole process. He took to our new house like a duck to water. My heart burst with pride with how well he has coped with it all. He has only just turned two and everything he knows has been packed up and moved into a new house, with less people and a lot less noise.

Since we bought the house he has been to it a couple of times and we have explained that it is going to be a new home for Mummy Daddy and Archie. Every time we have brought him to the house he has been so excited and not wanted to leave. We showed him the house when we first got the keys, a couple of times whilst we was replastering and painting and then finally when the carpets were laid before all the furniture was brought in we showed him his new bedroom. 

On our first day moving into our new house, I hosted a baby shower for one of my best friends and then went to the cinema with my sister so unfortunately I wasn’t there to bring Archie back to it and to help put him to bed. After the baby shower I came back to our house and Archie was SO excited to be there, he was running around opening all the boxes and having the time of his life. Once I went back out Daddy nailed bedtime, Archie went straight down and straight to sleep. He seemed so settled in his new bedroom.

Since moving in we haven’t had any problems with Archie. He in absolutely besotted with his bedroom.  When living at my mums house both Callum and I shared a room and Archie shared a room with my sister who lives away at Uni, so one end of the bedroom was hers and the other was his. There was never really enough room for him to run around in it and get his toys out so I think he is just enjoying having his own space. He wont bring his toys downstairs and play he just loves playing upstairs with them all, emptying every toy box and spreading them all out. 

Its so lovely to see him so settled and love our family home as much as Callum and I do. I cant wait for us to get some warmer weather so we can start tackling the garden and making it a safe place for him to enjoy too.

Thank you all for reading. I hope if any of you are moving house soon with little ones then this gives you the peace of mind you need. I know it was an extra stress for me with moving wondering how Archie was going to cope but I needent have worried at all. 

Love Tilly & Archie xx


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