Project House: Week 7. 

This is the week where significant things have taken place. It has been the week of panic. Next week we are having our carpets fitted so we have been running around trying to get everything done that needs to be done before the carpets go down.  

A massive thing that happened this week was we got our new windows and doors fitted and they look amazing. I can’t believe how much brighter the house is with white windows apose to brown!! Not only does the colour of the windows make a dramatic difference, but having double glazing spouse to single glazing is amazing. It blocks out so much noise (not that our tiny cul-de-sac is noisy) and keeps the house toasty warm. 

We have had to have the frames round the windows and doors replastered as they got damaged taking the old windows out so we have now got a lot of painting to do touching up around those areas. 

I have mainly focussed on getting the odd bits and bobs sorted in time for carpets. Plug sockets changed, new sockets installed, painting finished and holes filled. All these things have been very fine consuming. 

Another huge thing that has happened this week is we have had our bath installed in our bathroom. Unfortunately it was a bigger job than first thought so the toilet and sink are getting installed the beginning of next week but we finally have some of our bathroom put back together. 

It has been a busy busy week but by next week when we have carpet down it is going to be oh so worth it. 

Love Tilly & Archie xx


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