Project House: Week 6:

How has it been 6 weeks since we got the keys to our house. In some ways it feels like we haven’t done a lot to it in that period of time and in others it feels like we have done so much.

This week things have really started taking shape. Now that the bedrooms are finished we have been able to work on the landing and down the stairs. Having the first coat on the stairs has made a massive difference. Not only is he banister now all painted white, the walls have their first coat of grey on and it really gives us an idea of how the end result is going to look.

We had the man round to measure the house for carpets this week so we have been able to order the carpets and set a date for them to be fitted (less than two weeks. Can you believe it). I cant wait for carpets to be in, it will really transform the house and we will be able to start getting some of the bigger furniture into the rooms that are finished. At this stage I’m a little bit worried that were not going to have everything done in time for the carpets to be fitted but we shall just okay it by ear. 

Towards the end of this week, the entire bathroom got ripped out and the flooring put back down as the old flooring had gone rotten and started to crumble. We have bought a whole new bathroom suite and hopefully that will get fitted next week. 

Unfortunately the windows aren’t in yet like I had hoped but they are getting started Monday. Next week is a big week for things to be done as it’s the last full week my parents are here before they go to  Australia for nearly a month. Not only is my Dad a massive hep with decorating our place, but my Mum has Archie so I can go over and paint. 

Sorry here hasn’t been much to report this week, that dodgy bathroom has taken up a lot of the week. Next week we will have new electrics windows and hopefully a painted living room. 

Love Tilly & Archie xx


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