Project House: Week 3. 

One week to go until I’m hoping to move in and we’re no where near ready at all. I honestly don’t think we are going to be moved in in time for Archies birthday at the end of February.

This week we have had the downstairs ceilings plastered in the kitchen and the living room and the piping laid both downstairs and upstairs for the central heating. Both these things take a long time to do and have taken up a big chunk of our week. The radiators are now hung and in place ready for the heating to be turned on. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited this makes me. For the last 2 weeks we have been using a small gas fire as our only source of heat but once this got ripped out we was left with nothing.

One of my favourite things that happened this week is Callum was finally able to get rid of the hideous gas fire. The room looks so much bigger with it ripped out and it has since been boarded over ready to be skimmed with plaster this weekend.

Archie’s bedroom is now starting to look like it is coming together a lot more. All the wood work got painted white last week, I finished painting the ceiling at the start of this week and his walls are currently being lined with paper ready to be painted over the weekend. Once that is done it is completely finished apart from carpet.

The kitchen walls have now been painted and it’s just the ceiling left to paint before this room is completely finished too. We haven’t changed anything in the kitchen as we are hoping to completely tear it out and re do it at a later date. But for now everything is clean, freshly painted and rearing to go.

In regards to our bedroom I have sealed the new plaster with emulsion bar one wall which I will do after the weekend as we have decided to get another wall in our bedroom re plastered as there was a lot of cracks on it. Once that wall is plastered this weekend and we have sealed that we can get the paint on the walls then that is another room done.

I feel like this week we have ticked a lot of jobs off our list, but we have also found a lot more things that need to be done and it is the millions of little jobs that are taking the time to do.

I wanted the house to be nearly ready by the 18th as that is the weekend before Archies birthday but that only gives us a week to do a list the length of my arm. Hopefully we can get the upstairs rooms carpets laid by then so we can start moving furniture in and then we can just focus on downstairs. As long as I am in for the 25th in time for Archies birthday then I will be a happy girl. 

The result of painting the ceiling.

Love Tilly & Archie xx 


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