New Year’s Wishes

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!  As if another year has passed and were now in 2017.

Instead of writing resolutions this year I have decided to write wishes. These are things that I have been wanting to change in my life for a little while but either just haven’t got round to it or have been lazy to.

1. Spend more outdoors time with Archie 

Over the last few months I have noticed that I have spent a lot of time in doors with Archie or going to indoor places such as the  garden centre, shops or soft play. As of recently I have noticed that Archie is getting very hard to tire out and is becoming a little bit of a pickle. He is so much better behaved when he has been able to have a run around and let off some steam. With these things in mind I have decided that at least twice a week we are now to do an outdoor activity, whether that be a trip to the farm for the day or even just a walk to the park. Archie is at his happiest when hes exploring the great outdoors so I need to encourage this more.

2. Eat healthier 

I have eaten so much rubbish recently and I know this time of year it is hard not to what with Christmas dinners, mince pies and mulled wine. But I’m talking for the last year. I find that since Archie has been on the go I have been snacking so much more than I normally do or just grabbing rubbish for lunch as its quick and easy. Don’t get me wrong I will happily prepare Archie healthy meals but when it comes to me I just cant be bothered. I have recently discovered that I am 1.5 stone heavier now that I was after I have birth to Archie and although its never bothered me what the scales say its now starting to show in my clothes so it is time I did something about it. This is the year that I sort myself out and I take back the body I want and feel like me again.


So this wish is cheating a little bit as we have been house searching for the best part of 2016. We have put offers in on a couple of properties and are finally getting somewhere with a house currently. I’m hoping within the next couple of weeks we complete and we can start the year as a family in our new home.

4. Tell my family and friends how much they mean to me more. 

2016 has proven just how short life really is and how we just don’t know whats round the corner. What with a dozen celebs losing their life this year, 2016 also claimed the life of my lovely Grandma. Losing her made me realise I cant remember the last time I told my Grandparents I loved them or how much they meant to me. This year I am focusing on spreading my love to those close to my heart.

5. Take more family photos

If you knew me personally you would know that I take hundreds and hundreds of photos, in fact I have over 12,000 on my phone alone and god knows how many on my laptop. Unfortunately I seem to only take photos of Archie alone exploring or Archie with his Daddy. Most of the photos of Archie and I are selfies I have taken and family photos I only have a handful of. I love to have all these photos to look back on and to show Archie when hes older.

These are a handful of things that I would love to achieve in 2017.  I hope to look back on this post at the start of 2018 and be happy that I checked everything off the list.

Happy new year to you all and I hope it brings health, love and happiness to you all.

Love Tilly & Archie xx





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