100 Things I Did In 2016.

For the last 3 years I have wrote a post at the end of the year documenting 100 things I have done during 2013 2014 and 2015 . I think it is a lovely thing to do so that when I look back on my blog I have got an overview of the year in one post. This year cant be any different, so I have followed tradition and wrote another 100 things I did this year.

  1. Archie turned 1
  2. He got his first trike
  3. I became a Godmother
  4. Archie started walking properly
  5. Went to Monkey World
  6. Archie got his 1st pair of shoes
  7. Archie went through 4 sizes of shoes
  8. Had my 2nd Mothers Day
  9. Dad turned 60
  10. Bike rides round Moorse Valley
  11. Trips to Upton Country Park
  12. Started reading The Little Book of Hygge 
  13. My sister moved to Australia
  14. Rides on a steam train for Archie
  15. Had our 1st family holiday to Devon
  16. Hot tub times in our long cabin in Devon
  17. Started process of buying a flat
  18. Pulled out of purchasing a flat
  19. I turned 24
  20. Adventures with Archie
  21. Afternoon tea with the girls
  22. Got a new Iphone
  23. Trips to Bristol to visit Callums family
  24. Summer days spent in the garden paddling pool
  25. Archie got his first big bump (split his chin open)
  26. Reversed my car into a barrier (oops)
  27. Family time
  28. Millions of shopping trips
  29. Spa day with the sister
  30. Trip to London for my birthday
  31. Witnessed Callum’s best friend get married 
  32. Callum was best man
  33. Archie was a pageboy
  34. Trips to the zoo
  35. Voted in the EU Referendum
  36. Viewed 5 million properties
  37. Train rides
  38. Soft play dates with my boy
  39. Got a new pushchair
  40. Picnics
  41. Visited Callum’s parents in Tewkesbury
  42. Spent a couple of nights in hospital
  43. Lost my driving licence (naughty girl)
  44. Got a mortgage
  45. Got stressed about said mortgage
  46. Saved saved saved
  48. House purchases
  49. Many trips to IKEA
  50. Trips to the farm
  51. Beach days
  52. Fell more in love with my little family
  53. Archie started talking sentences
  54. Date nights with the boyfriend
  55. Lost my lovely Grandma
  56. Saw the Red Arrows at the Bournemouth Air Show
  57. Burst with pride everyday watching my son grow
  58. Did a car boot sale (absolute fail)
  59. Had a spa day with the boyfriend
  60. Went pumpkin picking
  61. Won £20 on a scratch card
  62. Baked cakes
  63. Fed the ducks
  64. Carved pumpkins
  65. Callum worked away all summer
  66. Drinks at the German Bar
  67. Got my psoriasis under control
  68. Watched the fireworks
  69. Made a ton of handmade gifts for Christmas
  70. Archie completed 2 more terms at swimming
  71. Took Archie to meet Father Christmas
  72. Drank many a glass of Prosecco
  73. Went to the Oceanarium
  74. Harry Potter marathon
  75. Watched Frozen a thousand and one times (Archie’s favourite)   
  76. Went on many girls nights out
  77. Had our first Christmas with Elf On The Shelf
  78. Wrote letters to Father Christmas
  79. Chopped my hair into a bob
  80. Long dog walks
  81. Learnt to let things go
  82. Started teaching myself French
  83. Watched Daddy play football each weekend
  84. Made a 2nd instagram account (which is now my main)
  85. Uploaded 2 vlogs to Youtube (now privatised)
  86. Got more permanent hours on my contract at work
  87. Archie had his first haircut (a tiny trim of the mullet)
  88. A trip on the ferry
  89. Had a massive clear out (of friends and possessions)
  90. Works Christmas party
  91. Archie got his first scooter
  92. Drove round to see all the Christmas lights
  93. Archie became obsessed with Thomas the Tank
  94. Published 50 posts on my blog
  95. Saw Cinderella at the pantomime
  96. Attempted and failed at blogmas
  97. Became closer to my Mummy friends and supported each other through the year
  98. Watched Archie grow and pass milestones and turn into a beautiful (nearly) 2 year old boy
  99. Learnt to appreciate the small things
  100. Made more time for myself.

Thanks for reading what I have been up to this year. These post might be boring for you all but I love looking back at the overviews I have for the last 3 years. To compare what I have done and what I have grown out of.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and may it be filled with love and happiness.

Love Tilly &a Archie xx


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