Top 10 Tips For Making Christmas Affordable.

Christmas is the most expensive time of the year and for most families the lead up can be more stressful than not. I have put together a list of my top 10 tips for making Christmas affordable and enjoyable. These are things that I try to do each year so that I am not doing all of my shopping out of one months pay check. I hope you find these tips useful for future reference when Christmas shopping.

  1. Handmade Gifts.

Not only are handmade gifts affordable, but personalised handmade gifts add that special touch as well. They can be made cheaper than shop bought gifts and personalised to the recipient. Some of my favourite examples of handmade gifts are hampers, crafts from kids or just photo frames with meaningful photos in. All in all they make a lovely gift and are a meaningful keepsake. I have found that grandparents love a personalised gift made with love from their grandchild appose to a shop bought gift.

2. Look out for sales:

Throughout the year look out for sales, plan who you need to buy for and keep racking them sales aisles. Half price, 3 for 2 or even clearance. As long as the gift is in good condition, not damaged and is something they would like, there’s no reason why you should get it in the sales. Shops have sales throughout the year putting different items in the sales each time. This is a great way to save a fortune.

3. Start Saving Money Now

Start saving money now. At the start of the year I start saving all my small change (1p,2p,5p) and put them all in a glass jar. Throughout the year they build up and at the beginning of December I count it all up and put that towards gifts. The more you put in the more you have at the end, no one notices small change missing. It is an easy way to save without breaking the bank.

4. Save Loyalty Points.

Nowadays every shop on the high street has a loyalty card. Sometimes the points convert into money and others unlock benefits and offers. This is a great opportunity to use these points to purchase Christmas presents. Boots and Sainsburys are my favourite loyalty cards as you can actually spend the points as cash towards your purchases. This saves a ton of money especially as both stores to an amazing range of gift sets.

5. Flog It

Towards the end of the year gather up all the things cluttering your bedroom or home and pop them on Ebay for a couple of extra quid. Things you may not have used for the majority of the year or things you may have forgotten about. You know how the saying goes “one mans trash is another mans treasure”.

6. Make Lists

Make a list of who you need to buy for and what you want to get and stick to it. A lot of the time I make on the spot purchases, I impulse buy when I don’t necessarily need it. Not only can this mean you may not have got the best deal, but you then have to find someone to give that gift to and it may not necessarily be what they wanted.

7. Be Crafty With Decorations

Decorating the house doesn’t have to cost a fortune some of my most favourite decorations are those from Poundland or The Range. A couple of quid here and there on a few decorations and jobs a good’un. Handmade decorations are also a lovely touch to add to your home. Get the craft supplies out and all the kids involved and get them creating. These also make sentimental things to look back on in years to come.

8. Give An Experience

If you really cant afford that last present then just made a card and gift an experience. Afternoon tea, lunch, dinner a manicure ect. Gift a promise of one of these events and chances are by the time your due to go the next pay check will of come round and you can afford it. Not only does this give your recipient a lovely experience and quality time together, it also buys you a little bit more time to get some extra cash.

9. Shop Around

Make sure that you are buying for the cheapest price. A lot of major companies now have price match guarantee where they will match a price of the same item if you find it at a cheaper price.

10. Check Out Local Entertainment

Check your area for local activities going on in the festive season. A lot of towns will set up fun outdoor activities for free with a Father Christmas on site and some elves. Seeing Father Christmas at a local shopping centre is much more appealing than not seeing him at all.

I hope these tips helped you to save money this Christmas. If you have any top tips that you use to made Christmas more affordable then please leave them below so I can have a read.

Love Tilly & Archie xx




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