The Shoe Box Appeal. 

This year I have decided to start a new tradition that will teach Archie all about giving, and what better way to teach this to him than to give to those less fortunate than us.

During the start of November I took Archie shopping and we went round supermarkets and toy shops to buy gifts for “our faraway friend”. We made presents, pictures, added photos and letters, gifts and toiletries for him. I explained to Archie (as much as you can to a 20 month old) that this little boy doesn’t have pennies so we’re going to send him some nice things so that he has something to open at Christmas.
I think this is a lovely idea especially  as it’s not that popular anymore. Every year during Primary school my school used to do this appeal and I used to love gathering all the bits and sending them off when I was a child and I think it’s lovely to start this tradition with Archie and teach him about those less fortunate and how we can help.

The organisation that does this is the Samaritans. They launched Operation Christmas Child which allows people to donate shoe boxes of gifts for children of all ages and they send them to those less fortunate.You simply pack a shoe box full of sweets, toys and toiletries and then donate a minimum of £3 to cover postage of your shoe box and they will send you an email in the new year to let you know the country your shoe box made it to.

We decided to make our shoe box for a little boy ages between 2 and 4. I thought this was a lot easier for Archie to relate to that he was sending some fun things to another little boy of a similar age. I sat Archie down and we watched a video on the Samaritans website which showed clips of children all around the world opening their shoe boxes so he could see where it was going. Please be aware that there are images in this video that could be upsetting to children. I had watched the video previously so I knew which bits to show Archie and which parts to skip.

I cant wait to get our email in the new year to let us know where our shoe box ended up. This is something that I think we will definitely be doing every year from now on. Its such a lovely thing to do and we had so much fun making the box together.

If you would like more information on how participate in Operation Christmas Child or even to just donate to the Samaritans then please just follow the links.

Here are some photos below of things we sent to “our faraway friend”.

Thanks for reading. Love Tilly & Archie xx


7 thoughts on “The Shoe Box Appeal. 

  1. This is really great. I used to do it every year in senior school. I remember we had to watch the videos is assembly and I used to cry every time. I’m sad to say that I haven’t done to since. Each year I see an advert but it’s always too late. I forget that you need to do it so early on. I’ll try harder next year, but well done you!!

      1. We used to make around 4 each time. I did 2 and my sister did 2. I like it that they go to children in this country and other countries as well. I always used to send a letter with a picture and a stamp- obviously not getting the whole airmail thing 😂

      2. Do you find out? We didn’t at school, or rather they perhaps never told us. I wouldn’t mind who it went to, but it would be nice to know. So hard to decide an age. I think thats why we did so many lol

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