Archie: 20 Months Old. 

Its been 2 years this months since we found out we were having a baby boy and what a 2 years it has been. Archie is now 20 months old. This feels so much older than 19 months. Archie is getting scarily close to 2 now. In 4 short months I’m going to have a 2 year old and I can already tell it’s going to absolutely fly by. With Christmas half way through that and hopefully a house move, it is going to be a crazy few months that’s for sure.

This month we have tackled the bottles. Archie is no longer having bottles at bedtime and in the morning but instead having a sippy cup of milk. He actually did this himself with out us even trying to. Unfortunately he had a fall in John Lewis a couple of weeks ago where he split his chin open cut the roof of his mouth and chipped a tooth. When it came to bedtime that night, his mouth was too sore to suck on the teat of a bottle so I put his milk in one of his cups he uses in the day which he took fine. The next morning the same thing happened so I gave him his cup and he didn’t notice it wasn’t a bottle. So since then I haven’t offered the bottle just given him his milk in a cup and packed the bottles away.

Activity wise we haven’t actually done a lot this month. Callum and I have done a lot of house viewings on the weekends which pretty much rights off the whole weekend as Saturday is the only day we all have together as I work Sundays. Around house viewings we have had many park dates, beach walks and autumnal activities.

One of Archie’s favourite things to do at the moment is arts and crafts. He could spend hours colouring, sticking stickers and painting. We have made lots of masterpiece recently with finger painting, leaf sticking, pumpkin painting and colouring. I love to sit back and watch what Archie does when put in front of crafts and the pictures he makes. To see him explore the colours and learn what each activity creates.

Archie’s vocabulary is coming on amazingly. He repeats everything he hears now. He can count up to 3, name 3 colours; blue, red and green, can tell you what sound a dozen animals make and can say well over 100 words.  I cant believe how fast he is growing up he is turning into a proper little boy. Nearly all of his baby traits are being replaced by big boy traits and as much as I love watching him grow into a clever little boy I wish time would slow down.

Archie is still in some 12-18 clothing but mainly in 18-24 now, all be it is a little big. Hes so skinny yet so tall that he needs the size up for length but the trousers are forever falling down. I got his feet measured this week as he had grown out of his Vans and he is now a 6.5F. This boy is going to cost us a fortune in shoes. He grows out of them every 4-6 weeks.

I cant wait to see what the next month brings with our little whirlwind.

Love Tilly & Archie xx


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