When Life Gives You Lemons..

So I just wanted to write a little update as to why I haven’t really been posting all that much recently and the reasons for my absence. The truth is I have been feeling a little deflated recently, and when I feel like this I just cant put pen to paper so to speak.

Over the past couple of months a lot of things have been going on behind the scenes. MY lovely Grandma very suddenly passed away last month and I have been finding it hard to come to terms with it. Not only that, I have been storing some of my furniture in her garage for the last year so I have been over her house with my Dad helping to clear out my things and sort her belongings. As you can imagine this hasn’t left me in the greatest moods. Whilst all this has been going on, Callum has sadly worked 3 months in Cardiff at the weekends and has just recently been working for 2 weeks in Bristol all week. Both of these places are many hours from our house so I haven’t really been able to spend a lot of time with him.

Whilst all of this has been going on, something very exciting has been happening that Callum and I have been focusing all our time and energy on. We were buying a flat. We had found a place, really close to my parents, close to the Primary school we wish Archie to go to and for a good price.

We have been working really closely with the builders getting everything we want in each place. Walls moved, electrics fitted where we want them, kitchen ordered. I have been out buying everything for our new home, kitchen things, sofas and ornaments ect. Until it comes to the part where they finally send us our lease and that’s where it all went downhill. It was so long and I didn’t understand a thing that was on it. So I got my Dad to sit down with Callum and I and explain it to us and that’s when we realised this just wasn’t for us. There were so many aspects to the lease that we weren’t happy with and ridiculous restrictions that we decided to pull out. I cant even begin to tell you how gutted I am. Since Callum moved in when I was 5 months pregnant we have been saving so hard and searching pretty much every day for a place to call our own. We were so close to moving in to this place and making it our home.

The only thing that puts my mind at ease is that there is something better out there for us. This flat was only a 2 bed ground floor and Archie’s room was only big enough for him. Next year we want to grow our family so really we need a 2 bed that’s big enough to house 2 children in 1 room. I know there is something out there for us and that when we find it ill be over the moon. Its just the thought of going through this whole process again and the money we’ve lost so far and how long it’ll take to get a new place.

Ill stop being a Debbie downer now, I just wanted to post a little something explaining my absence.

Love Tilly & Archie xx


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