Archie: 18 Months Old

1 and a half years old. How has it been 6 months since Archie’s first birthday and only 6 months till his second birthday. This year is absolute flying by. This month Archie seems to of turned into such a toddler. He is running everywhere and into absolutely everything at the moment. He is learning so much every day and is now saying around 70/80 words. He understands various questions I ask him such as: “Would you like some milk?” “Have you done a poo poo?” “Can you see the tree?” ect. He is also understanding opposites such as Yes / No, Hot / Cold, On / Off. I cant believe how quickly he is growing up and new things he is learning every day.

Archie now has 16 teeth, everything bar the 2nd molars top and bottom. His hair is finally starting to grow a little bit more covering the top of his head now. He is still in size 12-18 months but some of his trousers are getting a bit short. 18-24 is too big round his skinny little waist. Hi feet have t again and he is now a 6F. This kid is going to cost me and arm and a leg in shoes with his feet growing this fast each month.

This month has been an exciting one. My godson and Archie’s best buddy turned 1, we are moving forward looking at flats and Callum has finally finished his work in Cardiff so we have him back at the weekends now. Unfortunately this month has also been a bitter one. My lovely Grandma and Archie’s Great Grandma suddenly passed away unexpectedly. So we have been organising her funeral and other arrangements.

The red arrows were part of the summer air show last week so we took Archie to go and see them as he is aeroplane obsessed. Unfortunately they were a little bit loud for him even with ear defenders (which he kept pulling off) so he was a little frightened when they got close but enjoyed it none the less. Its nice to finally have Callum home again so we can have some family time. It feels like forever since we have had proper family days out.


Next month I’m hoping to have some good news to report, if everything goes to plan and I can not wait to share with you a new journey in our life. Going to keep my lips sealed for now until everything is in place so we don’t jinx it.

Speak to you then.

Love Tilly and Archie xx



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