Hospital Trips, Drips, Morphine and Scans. 

The one weekend Callum isn’t working this summer and I go and fall ill. 

It started Saturday around lunch time, we was out shopping when I suddenly got bad stomach cramps under my right rib. I knew I was having an ‘episode’ because I have suffered with this pain on and off for the last 5 years. 

Over the years I have had test after test, scans, X-rays and blood tests and nothing has ever shown up. It’s always been in the question as to whether it is a rumbling appendix, gallstones or kidney stones. Yet each time I have a scan nothing shows up. 

Recently I have been having more episodes than normal lasting longer than they normally do. I can normally self medicate at home with paracetamol and a hot water bottle and sleep it off but Saturday was the worst it has ever been. 

We got home from shopping and I took a nap on the bed after taking some painkillers. But upon waking around 7pm the pain was excruciating I could barely move, and I felt sick and light headed. I took some codine around 10 and this still didn’t touch the pain so I took myself to A&E to get it checked out. 

Upon arriving the triage nurse admitted me straight away after checking my vitals and told me I was staying the night. They hooked me up with a canula in my hand and started taking bloods and attached a drip with anti sickness and paracetamol. 

I then got sent for a chest X-ray and to have an ECG on my heart to check that he pain wasn’t stemming from my chest. Both of these tests came back clear. 

Around 2am I was still in agony so they hooked me up to morphine and took me to day surgery ward where they told me I would stay the night and get an ultrasound in the morning to see whether I had gallstones or kidney stones. If they was the case they wanted to operate. 

This morning when I awoke I was still in skit of pain so got my morphine upped. But after having an ultrasound and more blood tests they are still unsure of what the problem is. So here I lay on this beautiful sunny Sunday in a hospital bed away from my boys waiting to find out what’s wrong with me. 

Hopefully they find out soon because I am climbing the walls. I just want to be home with my little boy. 

I’ll keep you updated if things progress. 

Love Tilly & Archie xx 


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