Toddler Clothing Haul: Tu Sale

I am absolutely obsessed with buying Archie clothes and when there is a sale on I’m even worse. On Tuesday my friend had given me the heads up that Sainsbury’s had up to 50% off of TU clothing in store and online. As I was passing by it on the way home I decided to stop in. I didn’t have much time to browse as Archie was extremely grumpy and needed a nap but I managed to stay in there for half an hour. There were so many things on offer I didn’t even know where to start. Here is what I purchased:

Blue Jersey Shorts 2-3 Years £3.50
Stripe Polo T’Shitt 2-3 Years £2.50
2 Pack Cotton Shorts 2-3 Years £3.00
Daddy’s Little Monster T’Shirt 2-3 Years £3.50 (Not in the Sale)
Explore T’Shirt 2-3 Years £3.50 (Not in the Sale)
London Bus T’shirt 2-3 Years £1.50
Grey Cuffed Joggers 2-3 Years £3.00

I sized up on all the items as I had already purchased a whole drawer full of 18-24 months for Archie so I’m starting to stock up on things for next year.

I absolutely love TU clothes, they are a great value for money, wash well and always have beautiful designs. It is definitely one of my favourite supermarkets to buy toddler clothes from.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I have picked up for Archie recently. Ill be sure to do more haul posts in the future if this is something that you would like to see. Let me know in the comments either way.

Love Tilly & Archie xx


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