June Favourites.

As it’s the end of June I thought I would share with you the items I have been loving the most this month. There is a variety of beauty, electronic, toddler and health.

I love watching favourites videos on YouTube and reading other people’s favourites blog posts so I hope you enjoy mine.

1.Imperial Leather Marshmallow Shower Gel


This shower gel smells incredible. Imagine a marshmallow, it smells exactly like that. Its so good if you closed your eyes and smelt it, you would want to eat it. I absolutely love this shower gel. Not only does it smell amazing, it lathers up extremely well and the scent stays on the body for a long period of time. I have found with other shower gels that the scent fades as soon as you get out the shower but I have been able to smell this for a few hours after showering. This shower gel is extremely good for money selling at £1 in most supermarkets.

2. Vaseline Spray & Go 

DSC02505I absolutely love this moisturiser. Not only does it smell amazing but it rubs into your skin super quick. It sprays out the can like a mist and needs little rubbing in before the product is completely soaked in. I purchased the Cocoa one which I find smells the best and leaves me moisturised for longer. It doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky residue which I find is the case for most moisturisers out there. It is on the more expensive side at £5 per can but it does last a while and is definitely good value for money.

3. IPhone 6s Gold 64Gb

DSC02509.JPGFor a while now I have been in desperate need of a new iPhone. I had my 5s for over 2 years and it had definitely seen better days. When searching for a new phone I knew I wanted to stick with the iPhone but I didn’t know what colour to get. I have a rose gold Michael Kors watch so I wanted it to match. Originally I was going to get the rose gold IPhone to match but it seemed more pink in comparison to my watch so I opted for gold. I absolutely love my new phone the size is perfect and I LOVE that I went for the larger storage as I don’t have to worry about filling up my camera roll.

4. Wellwoman Vitamins.

DSC02511Since falling pregnant I started taking antenatal vitamins. After I had Archie I felt a bit low so I started taking the supplements suitable for breastfeeding women. After I stopped breastfeeding I noticed that I started to feel under the weather and not quite myself. So since then I have been taking the wellwomen vitamins. These vitamins consist of starflower oil, evening primrose oil, vitamins and minerals. I’ve noticed they boost me up when I’m feeling under the weather and generally make me feel more alive and give me more energy. I highly recommend this range of vitamins.

5. Oral B 3D White Luxe Dental Floss

DSC02506I’m very picky when it comes to dental floss. I don’t like it too thin or to wide. This floss is perfect. Not only is it flat appose to round sting, it is thicker so I’ve found it hasn’t snapped when I’ve been flossing. It comes in a little pot with 35M worth of floss. It leaves my teeth feeling fresh and clean whilst helpening to whiten them in those hard to reach places.

6. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume

DSC02504I actually got this perfume for Christmas from my other half and have been absolutely loving it since then. Not only does it smell beautiful but the scent stays for a long time. One thing I don’t like when purchasing a perfume is for the scent to rub off after a couple of hours. I can put this perfume on first thing in the morning and not have to reapply it for the rest of the day.

7. Sony A5000 Camera 

 I got this camera for Christmas and I have been loving it ever since. Not only is it compact but it has a flip up screen so if you wanted to vlog or take a selfie you can see exactly what your shooting. Another thing I love about this camera is the wi fi feature. You can send your images directly to you laptop or smart phone. It is such a beautiful camera and I am so glad I chose it. There are options to change the lenses so you can change the style of photography. This camera is a little bit provider than most digital cameras at £299 but it is 100% worth it. 

If you have been loving any of these then let me know in the comments below or tell me your favourites so I can try something new.
Love Tilly & Archie xx


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