Thirty Facts About Me. 

  1. I have two sisters, we are triplets.
  2. My birthday is 22nd of May. I am 24 years old. P
  3. I live in a sunny town called Bournemouth in the South of England.
  4. We are currently in search of our first family home and are currently living with my parents, sister and two dogs (it’s definitely a squeeze).
  5. I have a son called Archie. He is my world. He was our little surprise bundle.
  6. When pregnant with Archie I 100% thought he was a girl, so much so we decided he was going to be called Amelia.
  7. I am most definitely not a morning person although having Archie has completely changed that.
  8. I want to have 2 more babies within the next 5 years to complete our little family.
  9. I have a Yorkshire Terrier puppy called Maximus and he is Archie’s best friend.
  10. Addicted to buying baby clothes.
  11. Obsessed with anything Shabby Chic, floral or Cath Kidston.
  12. Wagamamas is my favourite place to lunch. Katsu curry all the way.
  13. I have been with my boyfriend Callum for 2 and a half years. He is my rock.
  14. I take a ton of photographs. I currently have just over 7000 on my iPhone.
  15. Desperately trying to persuade Callum to buy me a Pashley bike.
  16. I watch an unhealthy amount of YouTube.
  17. My lucky number is #3.
  18. My favourite country I have visited is Cuba. It is absolutely beautiful.
  19. I am a godmother to my best friends gorgeous little boy Oakley.
  20. I started this blog 3 years ago as a place to document my thoughts and now I use it to document Archie’s life and the fun adventures we get up to.
  21. I would love to have twins. A boy and a girl.
  22. Spent a lot of time in hospital when pregnant with Archie with Hyoermesis Gravardium. This has not put me off having more children.
  23. One day I would love to have my own YouTube channel so I can look back on Archie growing up.
  24. I have a personal Instagram account and a public Instagram account.
  25. I love to organise events for other people.
  26. Dislike surprises.
  27. Summer is my favourite season. I hate it when I get cold and get super grumpy.
  28. Completely obsessed with Netflix. So much so my friends text me asking what to watch.
  29. I want to be married before I’m 30. Still waiting for a ring. You have 6 years Callum.
  30. Have an amazing set of friends and family who mean the absolute world to me.

Love Tilly & Archie xx


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