Archie: 15 Months Old

I cant believe how much Archie is growing up. It feels like since he turned 1 there’s just no stopping him. He is walking round unaided, kicking footballs and saying so much more. He has got a right cheeky personality, he is definitely going to be a handful as he gets older.

I have decided that I am not going to give an update on his sleep patterns or what he eats or drinks unless anything changes. For the last few months I feel like I have just been repeating myself and waffling on when really there was no change in either of these.

Archie can now clearly say a handful of words. His speech is coming on really well. A handful of words he can say are Mama, Dada, Nana, Grandad, Wo Wo (Woof woof for Dog) Up, Yeah, No, Duck, Banana, Head, Boat and a few more.

He definitely understands a lot of things I say to him but just hasnt figured out how to say them. For example if I ask him where his head or nose is he will point to them. Or if I sing twinkle twinkle he does the actions. Every single animal he see’s at the moment is a Dog he shouts Wo Wo at them constantly.

Archie is definitely a boys boy. He is obsessed with cars, busses, trucks, aeroplanes. Anything with an engine. As soon as he see’s one on the TV, real life, or in a photo he goes mad. He loves it.

We have had quite a few adventures this month. We have been on a steam train with Callums parents, been to Farmer Palmers for a 3rd birthday party, been to Upton Country Park and splashed in the fountains and had days at the beach and the park. I love that now the summer is coming and the weather is getting warmer we can do more and more things outside. Archie and I are definite outdoors people. He loves loves loves to be out in the garden even when its raining he stands at the patio doors pointing to go out.

I cant wait for the summer to be here in full force so we can spend every day outside in the beautiful sunshine. Unfortunately Callum is away for the next 12 weekends doing a course for work so we wont have him around as much as we’d like so I better start updating my blog more on daily activities so he can still see what we’ve been up to.

What are your plans for the summer?

Love Tilly & Archie xx


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