Upton Country Park

Last week the weather was horrible ALL week. Being in May I have had all these little activities planned for during the week that Archie and I can do on my days off. With the bad weather we haven’t been able to do it.

So last week after having a horrible start to the day the sun came out and the temperature reached 24oc. I packed the car up and we headed 20 minutes down the road to Upton Country Park. It is a beautiful park ran purely on donations. It is free to get in and donations are welcome for parking.

At the park they have beautiful grounds with play parks, segway area, walled gardens, ponds with ducks, and a beautiful House. Our favourite part of the park is the water fountains in the walled gardens and the beautiful walks around the park.

During Easter times they have a mini farm that comes to the Children’s Education Centre in the park where you can hold ducklings, feed the sheep, arts and crafts and play mini golf.

This was Archie’s 1st time going to the park this year and being able to run around the gardens and run through the water fountains. We went last year when he was newborn but was obviously too small to enjoy it.

Here are some of my favourite photos of the afternoon.


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