Archie: 14 Months Old. 

Feels so weird to say that I have a one year old. Let alone 14 months. I feel like he can’t be classed as a baby anymore and he’s now a toddler. When does this massive step take place? He’ll forever be my baby, even when he is a grown man.

Archie has really improved with his walking this month. I think it was all the help he had when we was away in Devon. He has got more confident and doing more and more steps each time. He hasn’t figured out how to just randomly stand up in the middle of  a room. He uses the sofa or toys to pull himself up and then he will go off from there.

This month I have really been struggling with is food. Normally, as you all know, he eats absolutely anything. He just wants to throw it all on the floor at the moment and if i try to feed him he screams the house down and swats at the spoon. Im hoping this is just a phase and isn’t going to continue.

We’ve been using distraction methods with meal times such as holding a toy or a book or watching the TV. These are all things I don’t normally want to encourage but it is the only way he will eat anything. I am slowly trying to eliminate this from meal times and it does seem to be working.

Nap times have been a huge hit recently. With all the walking around he is doing now he is so tired. He is taking about an hour and a half nap in the morning and then if I’m lucky he will take another hour in the afternoon. He has never really been one for wanting naps and would fight it till the last minute, but he is actually laying down in his cot and going to sleep himself with out any tears.

We haven’t been on many adventures this month, its been quite busy with work and house hunting so we’ve just been having quality time together.

That’s all I really have to update this month, sorry there’s not a lot. I feel like next month is going to have a huge update. This boy seems to be changing more and more by the day.

Love Tilly & Archie xx


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