Archie: 13 Months Old.

A whole month ago my baby turned 1. These months seem to be passing by quicker than I can keep up with. I have a 13 month old baby. Is he still even a baby or is he now classed as a toddler? Where does the defining moment come when they are no longer babies and move on to the world of toddlers? This is a scary thought. For now, he’s my baby.

I feel like now he’s over the age of 1 things are starting to slow down. He’s not doing as many new things each month as he has been previously. I’m wondering whether to stop these monthly updates. I know a lot of the time I am late posting, but they are nice to look back on and reflect onto. I find myself going back and reading my posts from the first few months of this life and what he was doing. It’s like reliving the memories. I just don’t want to be repeating myself every month and the posts becoming boring as I have nothing to report. Maybe I’ll just still write the posts but set them to private, or just post every couple of months. What do you guys think? Seriously need help with this.

Archie is still sleeping 11-12 hours a night although he seems to be napping more now. He will generally have an hour and a half nap mid morning and then an hour nap late afternoon. He is taking himself off to bed and settling himself for naps instead of me putting him down. I think he is a lot more tired now he is on the move more.

Bottles are exactly the same as before, although sometimes in the evening he will have 10oz instead of 9. Morning and bedtime milk is in bottles but he will occasionally have a beaker of milk with his breakfast if he has cereal. His meal times and meal options are exactly the same although I have starter giving him bigger portions recently as he seems to be hungry all the time. This boy seriously has worms.

Can FINALLY report and say Archie is walking!! He prefers to walk holding on to one of my fingers if we are out but is able to walk alone also. He is so funny when he walks he totters from side to side shaking his bum. At home he will walk around the sofas like he has been doing for months but he will also let go and stand in front of the TV shouting at it and dancing. He has now realised he can reach a hell of a lot more walking and standing but can get places quicker if he crawls.

Archie’s speech his really improved this month, not only is he saying new words but words he previously said he is saying a lot more and much more clearly. He is picking up things very fast and repeating the most random things back to us. He will also clap, wave, and point when things excite him which is the cutest thing ever (busses are his fave). We are working on body parts at the moment and in the past two weeks Archie has learnt where his head and nose are so if you ask him to point to them he will point to it on himself and then you. I cant believe how clever he is (maybe all babies are like this) but I burst with pride at how quickly he is learning new things and how far he is coming.

Next time we do an update will probably be Archie’s 14 month update. So until then, take care.


Tilly & Archie




5 thoughts on “Archie: 13 Months Old.

  1. Love the updates! 🙂 A thought – don’t stop the monthly updates because as soon as they go into toddlerhood, there are lots more funny moments (particularly when they can talk more and gosh, kids say the funniest things) so perhaps you could hone in on those funny moments? I could write a novel on the stuff my son’s said and he’s barely 2 and a half!

  2. I’d still like to read monthly updates. Like the above lady said, I’m sure there are more funny moments, as opposed to milestone moments so I’m sure you will still have stuff to write about!

      1. Ahh it doesn’t matter. I just write them as and when. I wish I could think of more stuff- don’t know how people manage to blog every day. I can’t even manage a tweet every day lol

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