A Letter To Archie On His 1st Birthday.

26th February 2015. This was exactly one year ago today. Today we get to celebrate your first birthday. The day you made your way into the world. Your Daddy and I thought we knew what love was but you changed everything we knew. No one can explain the amount of joy and love we felt that day and every day since. Every minute since the day you were born I have grown deeper and deeper in love with you. I loved you from the moment I saw them two lines on a white stick. My heart skipped a beat the moment I saw your tiny 6 week embryo on a TV screen and my heart exploded the moment I first heard your heartbeat. And this day, the first time I held you and you looked into my eyes, everything inside me filled with joy. There was no more void to be filled. Nothing was missing in my life because my entire life was in my arms. Happy 1st Birthday Archie. You’ll forever be my world. xxx


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