21 Things Someone Should Tell You Before Becoming A parent. 

1. There is no love as strong as the love for your child. Every time you look at them your heart will want to burst.

2. A shower and hair wash can be completed in 6-8 minutes. If no time for that a baby wipe and dry shampoo will suffice.

3. You will not be horrified by the 3 P’s. Pee poop and puke. I never thought this would be something I would be used to.

4. Sleep deprivation is hell on earth. Do not cross a woman who hasn’t slept in 5 days. She can not be held responsible for her actions.

5. Every mother is competitive “has your child smiled?” “can he roll?” “does he sleep through?”. It is natural to want to show off your babies milestones and be proud of your baby accomplishing new things. Just remember to be mindful, all babies are different and develop at different rates.

6. The first time your baby cries, is in pain or hurts themselves will physically make you cry. Real tears. It is heartbreaking. (Doesn’t even stop after the first time. I still cry now)

7. Having a baby will make you realise your true friends. Those who matter stay, those who don’t go. But your social circle will expand with new mummy’s, friends of friends and baby group mums. You’ll become a social butterfly overnight.

8. Your feel all nostalgic packing away your baby’s outgrown clothes and filling up their drawers with new bigger sizes.

9. You will rock everything. The pushchair, shopping trolley, other people’s prams and dogs. The urge to rock or sway does not go away. I caught myself rocking my dog the other day once Archie was in bed. You won’t even realise your doing it.

10. Seeing horrible events going on in the world will break your heart. You associate yourself and your family in EVERY situation. You place yourself there and then wish you could bubble wrap your baby forever and keep them safe.

11. Watching your partner with your child is honestly the best feeling. Watching them grow together and love each other just melts me.

12. You will worry about EVERYTHING!! Are they too hot? Too cold? Sick? Hungry? What’s the rash? Google is not the answer! Download British Red Cross First Aid for Babies and Infants. It has answers for all severe and common illnesses and accidents and steps on what to do next.

13. You will learn to do everything one handed. If not one handed you’ll learn to pick things up with your feet. It’s a skill I have mastered since having Archie. I can even open the door with my foot.

14. You’ll never be able to eat or drink in peace. Your child could be sound asleep but the second you make a cup of tea or grab a sandwhich. They will wake up. It’s a fact. It’s programmed into them.

15. You will become that mum that posts hundreds of pictures of their child on social media.

16. You can never have enough muslin squares. They double as blankets, mop up sick, turn into a nappy for a dreaded poo explosion, sun shade and comforter.

17. When your not with them you’ll feel like your missing a limb. Whether you’ve gone back to work or you’ve put them down to sleep. They become a second part of you. Without them their you feel incomplete.

18. Your hips will never be the same ever again. Don’t be fooled when your told ‘you’ll spring back’ you won’t. Your bones have moved. You birthed a human! Embrace your new shape.

19. Making memories with your family with trump everything. Introducing your child to this new exciting world creating adventures as you go is honestly the best feeling.

20. Baby wipes are your best friend. They clean up poop, sick, spillage’s, remove make up, double as a shower. You need a quick solution. A wipe will fix it.

21. Above all. The love you feel for this human will never fade. It is possible to love them more and more each day. However impossible that seems.

Is there anything you wish you was told before you became a parent, comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Love Tilly & Archie xx


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