Archie: 11 Months. 

 11 months old. These months are starting to merge together. I’m scared to blink my baby is growing up too fast. This time next month he will be 1. How crazy is that. I am beyond excited yet extremely emotional.

Archie now weighs 20lbs 11oz. This month we’ve cracked dropping a bottle. Lunch time bottle is now gone and replaced with a snack.

Bottle wise Archie now has a 7oz bottle in the morning and a 7oz bottle before bed. For food he will have breakfast (generally porridge or weetabix with banana) lunch ( sandwiches, cheese, grapes, rice wafer) snack in the afternoon and then dinner (chicken/beef veg and sweet potato or tuna pasta with broccoli and tomato are his fave).

Archie is crawling, cruising and very nearly walking. I think we are going to have a little toddler on our hands before his first birthday. He can walk with his walker and holding onto anything but hasn’t quite got the confidence to let go and walk by himself.

This month has been quite a quiet month. We haven’t been out a hell of a lot as the weather has been bad and in trying to have a good month with money as Christmas was last month and archies first birthday is next.

We have done ALOT of birthday planning and I am so so excited to celebrate my sons first birthday next month.

This month we have also:

  • Been to the oceanarium
  • Soft play
  • Swimming
  • Celebrated Archie’s buddy’s 1st birthday
  • Fed the ducks
  • Lots of beach walks

Archies personality is shining through every single day. He is a cheeky chappy and such a loveable happy little boy. He is changing so so much each and every day and I am enjoying every second of being his Mummy and watching him grow.

Our next monthly update will be Archie’s first birthday which I have got a lot of posts planned.

Enjoy your month and see you soon.

Tilly & Archie xx


100 Things I did In 2015:

Last year and the year before I wrote blog posts on 100 Things I did in 2013 and 100 Things I did in 2014. Keeping with tradition I thought I would reflect on the past year and make a list of all the things I did in 2015.

  1. Had a baby shower
  2. Gave birth to my son and became parents for the first time
  3. Newborn baby photo shoot
  4. Started our breastfeeding journey
  5. Baby massage classes
  6. Numerous health visitor trips
  7. Archie got christened
  8. Dog walks
  9. Callum’s 1st Fathers Day
  10. My 1st Mothers Day
  11. Max turned 2
  12. Lazy afternoons
  13. Trip to Bristol to see Callum’s family
  14. Picnics with Callum and Archie
  15. Family walks
  16. Got a new family car
  17. Took Archie to build a bear
  18. Showed Archie off to anyone and everyone who would listen
  19. Asked my best friend to be Archie’s God mum
  20. Duck feeding
  21. Celebrated our last Valentine’s Day as a couple before our boy arrived
  22. Cleaned up a ton of poop and puke
  23. Watched Callum play football
  24. Celebrated my 23rd birthday
  25. Went to Longleat Safari Park for my birthday
  26. Birthday afternoon tea with my girls
  27. Got my first pandora bracelet and started collecting charms
  28. Celebrated one of my good friends 30th birthday
  29. Trips to the park
  30. Started the year heavily pregnant and feeling like a whale
  31. Beach trips
  32. Snow days
  33. Built cots and nursery furniture
  34. Children’s birthday parties
  35. Trips to the German bar
  36. Tried and failed to make cake pops
  37. Dyed my hair dark brown
  38. Got a full fringe cut in
  39. Dinner dates with the best friend
  40. Open mic nights
  41. Had lots and lots of Archie cuddles
  42. Family time
  43. Signed up to Netflix
  44. Watched hours upon hours of Tiny Pop
  45. Cherished every day with my boy
  46. Wriggle and rhyme at our local library (baby group)
  47. Archie had a sit in a fire engine
  48. Started mortgage application process
  49. House hunting
  50. Went to the oceanarium a ton of times
  51. Changed my pushchair
  52. Play days
  53. Went to my best friends baby shower
  54. My best friend had her 2nd little boy
  55. Visits from the sissy
  56. Trips to the arcades
  57. Date nights with get boyfriend
  58. Trips to the cinema
  59. Went to Marwell Zoo with all the family
  60. Another good friend had her 2nd boy
  61. Started our weaning journey
  62. Started Archie’s swimming lessons
  63. Trips to the grandparents
  64. Learned a heck of a lot in regards to being a Mum
  65. Got a new job
  66. Started work park time
  67. Job went permanent
  68. Changed my life for the better
  69. Witnessed Callum’s best friend get married
  70. Loved more than I’ve ever loved
  71. Family BBQs in the summer
  72. Soft play dates with my boy
  73. Grew closer with my boyfriend/best friend
  74. Trip to Upton Country Park
  75. Laughed a heck of a lot
  76. Mastered bed time routine, weaning, breastfeeding and nap times
  77. Went to town on Halloween
  78. Went pumpkin picking  and carved pumpkins
  79. Took Archie trick or treating on Halloween
  80. Celebrates Callum turning 25
  81. Celebrated new year with family and family friends at home
  82. Started planning Archie’s first Christmas and birthday
  83. Lots and lots of play dates
  84. Knee deep in baby clothes washing
  85. Started buying bits for our new house
  86. Trips toTewkesbury to see Callum’s family
  87. Spoilt Archie
  88. Harry Potter marathon
  89. Celebrated our friends 21st birthday pub golf style
  90. Lost some friends
  91. Shopping trips
  92. Had my works Christmas party
  93. Numerous dentist appointment
  94. Made Christmas plates
  95. Wrote letters to Santa
  96. Took Archie on a merry go round
  97. Take Archie to visit Santa
  98. Celebrate Archie’s first Christmas
  99. Watched my beautiful son grow and pass milestones throughout the year
  100. Met some amazing new mums who have become a huge part in mine and Archie’s life.

This blog post has been the hardest one to write yet. Although my year feels like it has been jam packed, looking back its been similar days each week. We’ve had a heck of a year, giving birth to our first child, learning to become a family of 3 and loving this little fella more and more each and every day. We’ve watched him grown from a tiny baby to a 10 month boy crawling talking and trying to walk. This has by far been the best year of my life and I can’t wait to see what next year holds for us.

Love Tily & Archie xx

21 Things Someone Should Tell You Before Becoming A parent. 

1. There is no love as strong as the love for your child. Every time you look at them your heart will want to burst.

2. A shower and hair wash can be completed in 6-8 minutes. If no time for that a baby wipe and dry shampoo will suffice.

3. You will not be horrified by the 3 P’s. Pee poop and puke. I never thought this would be something I would be used to.

4. Sleep deprivation is hell on earth. Do not cross a woman who hasn’t slept in 5 days. She can not be held responsible for her actions.

5. Every mother is competitive “has your child smiled?” “can he roll?” “does he sleep through?”. It is natural to want to show off your babies milestones and be proud of your baby accomplishing new things. Just remember to be mindful, all babies are different and develop at different rates.

6. The first time your baby cries, is in pain or hurts themselves will physically make you cry. Real tears. It is heartbreaking. (Doesn’t even stop after the first time. I still cry now)

7. Having a baby will make you realise your true friends. Those who matter stay, those who don’t go. But your social circle will expand with new mummy’s, friends of friends and baby group mums. You’ll become a social butterfly overnight.

8. Your feel all nostalgic packing away your baby’s outgrown clothes and filling up their drawers with new bigger sizes.

9. You will rock everything. The pushchair, shopping trolley, other people’s prams and dogs. The urge to rock or sway does not go away. I caught myself rocking my dog the other day once Archie was in bed. You won’t even realise your doing it.

10. Seeing horrible events going on in the world will break your heart. You associate yourself and your family in EVERY situation. You place yourself there and then wish you could bubble wrap your baby forever and keep them safe.

11. Watching your partner with your child is honestly the best feeling. Watching them grow together and love each other just melts me.

12. You will worry about EVERYTHING!! Are they too hot? Too cold? Sick? Hungry? What’s the rash? Google is not the answer! Download British Red Cross First Aid for Babies and Infants. It has answers for all severe and common illnesses and accidents and steps on what to do next.

13. You will learn to do everything one handed. If not one handed you’ll learn to pick things up with your feet. It’s a skill I have mastered since having Archie. I can even open the door with my foot.

14. You’ll never be able to eat or drink in peace. Your child could be sound asleep but the second you make a cup of tea or grab a sandwhich. They will wake up. It’s a fact. It’s programmed into them.

15. You will become that mum that posts hundreds of pictures of their child on social media.

16. You can never have enough muslin squares. They double as blankets, mop up sick, turn into a nappy for a dreaded poo explosion, sun shade and comforter.

17. When your not with them you’ll feel like your missing a limb. Whether you’ve gone back to work or you’ve put them down to sleep. They become a second part of you. Without them their you feel incomplete.

18. Your hips will never be the same ever again. Don’t be fooled when your told ‘you’ll spring back’ you won’t. Your bones have moved. You birthed a human! Embrace your new shape.

19. Making memories with your family with trump everything. Introducing your child to this new exciting world creating adventures as you go is honestly the best feeling.

20. Baby wipes are your best friend. They clean up poop, sick, spillage’s, remove make up, double as a shower. You need a quick solution. A wipe will fix it.

21. Above all. The love you feel for this human will never fade. It is possible to love them more and more each day. However impossible that seems.

Is there anything you wish you was told before you became a parent, comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Love Tilly & Archie xx

Our Breastfeeding Journey:

The moment I found out I was pregnant with my first baby I had so many thoughts and worries about everything that came with having a newborn baby. How shall I feed it? What if I’m not good enough? How do I care for a newborn baby so delicate and small 24/7? I bought all the books ranging from each stage of pregnancy, breastfeeding, new mothers. Scowered through Pintrest and blogs reading up on parenting and spoke to a lot of my mummy friends for advice. You name it, I read an article on it.

 Even though breastfeeding is very pushed in England. I didn’t force it upon myself. My mindset was if I can do it great if not it’s not the end of the world. Luckily I was one of the very few people who found breastfeeding so easy. As soon as Archie was born and put on my chest he latched onto my right boob straight away and fed for 45 minutes. It was the best feeling in the world being able to nourish my perfect little boy knowing that everything he was having to make him grow big and strong was coming from me. It came so naturally to us straight from the get go and created our unbreakable bond.

I know that is not always the case with other mothers and a lot of people do struggle with latch, positioning and even tongue tie.

After 2 days of brest feeding I got extremely sore on my right side to the point where I couldn’t even let Archie touch it.

 I spoke to my midwife who sent out a breast feeding expert to my house to help. Upon watching me feed Archie and monitoring my latch and positioning she noticed that I had in fact blistered on the under side of my nipple. This is what was causing me so much pain. This was due to Archie’s first feed, we were both newbies at breastfeeding and my latch and positioning were incorrect, added with the long 45 minute feed. I had caused my nipples to blister and bleed. Because of this pain and discomfort I was scared to feed Archie on the right side so always stuck to the left. This caused my right side to develop  mastitis (an inflammation in the breast tissue) because it was not getting emptied.

It was a never ending circle for around 3 weeks. Mastitis came because I was scared to feed that side and wasn’t emptying my breast but when I fed I blistered so I stopped altogether.

From around 8 weeks into feeding, it was just easier to feed Archie purely from the left side. My right boob went back to normal, it stopped producing as much milk, it was enough for a top up but never for a full feed. So Archie and I carried on our breast feeding journey from the left side (with the occasional right top up) all the way up until he turned 6 months.

At 6 months I didn’t want to stop feeding him at all. He stopped himself. One day (at his christening) it was a beautiful hot summers day and Archie just would not latch. He was tired and hungry but he wasn’t having any of the boob. I pulled out an emergency bottle I had to hand (with formula) and he drank it down in seconds. That night for his bedtime feed he refused the boob again so a bottle replaced that feed. From then on he would only allow me to feed him for his first feed every morning for the next 6 weeks before refusing my milk altogether.

Archie is now a happy healthy baby on formula and food. I absolutely loved our breastfeeding journey and it makes me sad that it has come to an end. Yes at times it was very hard. Especially in the early days. But we made it. And im so proud of myself for not only sticking through the tough times, but for being able to nourish my baby and give him everything he needs. I honestly feel that breastfeeding Archie gave us a bond that is unbreakable. There is no feeling like it.

Love Tilly & Archie xx