Archie: 7 Months Old.

  Another month has passed with my beautiful little boy. He is growing up so so fast I cant keep track of it.

Archie now weighs 16lbs 15oz and is in mostly 6-9 month clothing and the occasional 9-12 month clothing. He has such a personalilty now he makes me laugh every single day.

For food Archie is still having 3 bottles of 7oz of formula and 3 meals a day. He is such a little piggy and will eat and eat all day if I let him. He still sleeps from 7:30 -6:30 per night and takes 1 nap though out the day of I’m lucky. 

Swimming is going so so well. He goes underwater and splashes around and giggles the whole lesson. Definitely the best £80 I’ve ever spent. Watching him progress in his swimming classes just makes my heart burst. 

This months we’ve been back to the oceanarium a couple of times, had Callum’s family come and visit and took Archie for his first trip to the zoo. He absolutely loved it. I can’t wait to take him back in the summer. 

Crawling is very nearly happening in the Hunter-Smith household. Archie’s on all fours and is just wanting to go. He hasn’t figured out yet that he has to move his arms first. 

In going to cherish the limited time I have left before my baby is officially on the move. Until next month. 

Love Tilly & Archie xx


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