Archie 6 Months Old. 

6 whole months old. Half a year. 182 days. 4344 hours. 260,640minutes. Where has the time gone. 

My little chunk now weighs 15lbs 2oz. He sleeps from 7:45pm until 6:30am. Never wakes up during the night (touch wood I don’t jinx it) has 3x 7oz of formula per day and 3 meals a day. 

He is sitting up by himself, still extremely wobbly and a lot of head butting the floor going on. He rolls onto his belly from both sides. He ‘talks’ a lot, although there still hasn’t been any actual worlds. 

He loves his food, his favourite is creamy porridge, any fruit and roast chicken with sweet potato and vegetables. This boy will literally eat anything. The only thing I have found he doesn’t like is swede but I’m yet to try it on him again. It could have been a one off. 

This month we’ve been to the oceanariums 3 times, been to Callum’s best friends wedding in Tewkesbury , a 2nd and 4th birthday party, fed the ducks, enjoyed the sunshine and had visits from my sister, Callum’s sister and Archies lovely godmother. 

Because Archie absolutely LOVES swimming. He is now enrolled on swimming baby splash lessons. Since 3 months Archie and I have been going with a friend to he pay as you go sessions but felt that the course would progress him further. He absolutely loves the water, he splashes, giggles kicks is legs and arms all over the place. Since Archies first time swimming Callum hasn’t seen him swim since so we decided to take him again so Archie could show off how much he has progressed the last 3 months. 

There is no stopping Archie now. He is into anything and everything. He rolls absolutely everywhere. He picks up everything. Eats everything. And is trying to crawl. He is sitting unaided perfectly and has grown 2 teeth!!!!! He is changing so much day by day I’m so scared to blink. 

We took him for his first time at the park this month to try and wear him out. The swings area definite hit. He would sit in them all day if we would let him. 

Archie is no longer in any 3-6 month clothing. He is comfortable in 6-9 months. He is growing far to quickly mummy can’t cope. I’m sure next month I will be reporting that he has doubled in size and is walking and talking. Until then I shall go an enjoy my little bundle of love and try and get him to stay baby forever. 

Love Tilly & Archie xx


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