Archie: 5 Months Old. 

 How is my sweet little boy 5 months old and weighing 13lbs 3oz. What a manic month it has been.

To start off the month, Callum got to celebrate his first Father’s Day this month. We spoilt him rotten because he is honestly the best father you could ever wish for and both Archie and I love him to the moon and back. We decided to take Archie swimming for his first time. He absolutely loved it. New associating around like crazy in the water. He couldn’t get enough of it. However, he didn’t like the changing rooms. That was a bit of a nightmare.  We have decided to take Archie swimming every week now as he loves it so much and is like a little fishy in the water.

Secondly this month Archie got christened. We had a beautiful day, the weather was lovely and all our family and friends were there to join us on his special day. It was so lovely to see everyone we love so much give so much love to our little boy. I couldn’t have wished for a better day and a better set of friends and family to share our little boy with us. He was truely spoilt. He is one very lucky boy.

Archies best friend was born this month. We welcome Oakley William Francis to the world and what a beautiful little boy he is. Couldn’t be prouder of my best friend. Archie loves him so much he is so cute with him I can’t wait for them to grow up together.

We’ve been to visit the oceanariums, feed the ducks, long walks, trips to the beach and playtime in the door bouncer and walker. Suddenly Archie seems like such a grown up boy. Into everything and always wanting to play. He can stand supported and is so close to sitting.

We have now stopped breastfeeding this month. Archies choice not mine. At his christening it proved a little difficult to breastfeed so I brought a ready made bottle of formula for emergencys. His first feed he had perfect but when it came to the second he was so stressed, hungry hot and over tired he was having none of it. He took the bottle straight away and finished off 7oz in minutes. When we got home Archie ate his dinner (solids) but he wouldn’t take the boob for bed so we gave him another bottle. Since the he was no longer interested in the boob at all. He just wanted him bottle and solid food. I tried expressing milk for him but my hand pump just wasn’t strong enough to pump I was pumping for 45-50 minutes and only getting 1/2oz of milk.

Even though our breastfeeding journey is now over, I am so proud of how long I managed to do it for. Archie is now having 4x 7oz of formula a day and 3 solid meals a day. He’s enjoying his food so much. He sleeps in his cot from 8pm until 5am., is growing out of 3-6 months and nearly in 6-9month clothing. I  can’t believe next month my teeny boy will be 6 whole months old.

Love Tilly & Archie xx


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