Archie: 4 Months Old. 

  It is safe to say that this has been the craziest month yet. So much has happened that it feels like the month has flown. Archie has ad so many firsts this week I feel like he has grown up so much. 

We started off the month celebrating my first birthday as a Mummy. I had the best day and was spoilt so much. We took Archie on his 1st little mini trip away for his first time to the zoo. He absolutely loved it. Even if I did have to breastfeed him halfway round in the lion enclosure on the safari. 

Archie has now upgraded to the big boy part of his pushchair. He is now in the chair appose to carrycot. He has moved into his cotbed (in his Moses basket) rolled over into his tummy and he has started weaning.  He feels like a different boy. I am loving every single moment of being a mummy. 

Archie is still breastfed. He generally has it as and when he wants there is no kind of routine. As well as breastmilk I have started introducing Archie to puree’s at lunch time. He has tried a varity of fruit puree’s,sweet potato, potato and parsnip and peas. He seems to be loving everything I try him on. He is definitely going to take after his mummy when it comes to food. 

Since starting on food, Archie has been such a happy baby. He no longer gets grumpy half as much as he used to and seems more content for longer periods of time. I’m loving our weaning journey and can’t wait to introduce him to more foods. 

Archie now weighs 12lbs 15oz. He hasn’t put in a lot of weight this month so the health visitor is slightly concerned as she doesn’t think he is getting enough milk. We’re booked in for another appointment next month to check his weight gain then and in the meantime the doctor has said he is happy with Archies overall health. He doesn’t have any underlying issues. Thank goodness. 

Archie is now sleeping pretty much all night occasionally waking up at either 3 or 5 am. Has a quick 5 minutes on the boob and then straight back to sleep. I really hope this lasts as I’m starting to get used to linger start he’s of sleep. If is is a trick Arch mummy won’t be happy. 

Love Tilly & Archie xx 


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