Labour & Birth.  

On February 24th at 27 weeks and 6 days pregnant I woke up at 2am with a wet bed. I was desperate for the toilet and was convinced I had wet the bed. A quick successful trip to the toilet, I realised my waters had broke. I rang my midwife the next morning and she told me to come to the hospital straight away so they could check how much of my water had gone. Upon arrival she checked my waters, my cervix, temperature and baby’s heart rate. She informed me that I was around 1cm dialated but as I was having no contractions and was booked in for a growth scan later that day she told me to go home and then to attend the appointment later on and get checked how much water was left. 

During my growth scan I was informed that I had in fact lost all my water and baby was not too happy to be in there too long without any water. I spoke to a consultant and he advised me that the next morning they were going to book me into Poole Hospital to get induced. This is the last thing I wanted to happen. I had a natural water birth all planned out, no drugs just the pool to take the edge off the pain. But now I was being induced this wasn’t an option. 

After being admitted into hospital on 25th February for having no waters and no contractions, I got induced. At 8am on February 25th a pesserie was inserted and I was informed that I was 1-2cm dilated. I was put on a heart monitor to check babies heart rate and movements. 
Still having no contractions through out the rest of the day and night apart from slight period like pains, I was told that once a bed was free I would be wheeled up to the delivery suite to have the drip to kick start my contractions. They didn’t want to give me this drop whilst I was in a side room as it makes labour progress fairly quickly as the side rooms are not as well equipped for delivery. Luckily as I was in a side room and not on a ward as the beds were full, no one was in there with me so Callum was able to stay the night with me. 

After what felt like a lifetime, I was allowed into the delivery suite and had the drip inserted at 3pm on February 26th, 31 hours after arriving at the hospital . Shortly after having the drip inserted I was checked an was informed that I was 3cm dilated and that baby’s head was plugging in a teeny bit of water still. At this point I still hadn’t had any contractions.  Once the water was released I felt my body naturally start contracting with small period like cramps. Every hour the midwife turned my drip up slightly to help my contractions along. 

  At 7pm my contractions were coming every couple of minutes and lasting about 30 seconds but we’re still only feeling like period pains. At this point I hadn’t had any pain relief as I didn’t need it. The midwives I had were around a similar age to myself and Callum so we could really relate to them and have good conversation. Our delivery room was more like a mothers meeting going on rather than a birth room. They were so lovely and I’m so thankful for their care they gave me on this special day. They made me feel so at ease and kept Callum calm through out labour and delivery. 

By 7:30pm my contractions suddenly started coming thick and fast, there as no build up, they went from period like cramps one minute to full blown contractions. I was convinced the baby was coming here and now. The midwives offered me gas and air but I was adamant I was not having anything until it came to the pushing part. I didn’t want to ease the pain and then get to the time where I had to push and it be excruciating. 

One of the midwives examined me but kept telling me not to be disheartened if I was only 4cm as thats what they thought I would be. Upon examination I was 9cm! The baby was coming. There was no time for epidurals or petahadine and from previous experience gas and air just makes me feel sick so I was too frightened to have it. 

At 8:30pm I was allowed to start pushing, it was time to get this baby out. After a couple of pushes I honestly thought that I was going to die. I have NEVER felt a pain like it. I didn’t feel as though he was moving down the birth canal I didn’t know what it was supposed to feel like and with ever push I just felt completely drained and breathless. 

With all the heart rate monitors on me, the blood pressure monitor and the drip I was basically strapped to the bed there was not a lot of space for movement. After about 4 pushes, his heart rate rapidly dropped. They couldn’t find him on the heart monitor and there was panic in the room. A doctor was called in and they inserted a clip to the top of his head to track his heart rate again. It had dropped from over 140 bpm to less than 50 bpm. I was told that if I didn’t get him out with the next push they would have to help me get him out and take me to theatre. 

With everything I had I pushed and out he flew. No joke, he flew. There was no crowning of the head and then delivering the body. He came out all in one sparing no thought for his exit route. 

My beautiful baby boy was born. There was no feeling like it. A wave of love, excitement, relief rushed over me all at once. I was overwhelmed by emotion. Still to this day when I think back to his birth I well up. It was such a beautiful moment. It is so hard to explain to someone who hasn’t experienced it. 

February 26th at 8:52pm after being in active labour for 30 hours and pushing for 20 minutes Archie David Andrew Smith was born weighing 6lbs 11oz 14 days early.  I became a Mummy and Callum became a Daddy. It was honestly the best day of our lives. He is everything and more than we could ever have wished for. We’re so so in love. 

Love Tilly and Archie xx



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