38 Weeks Pregnant Update.

This is going to be a fairly rushed post as time is currently not on my side. It’s not going to be a structured update like my previous posts, just a general chit chatty post. 

So here goes..

This morning (38 weeks 1 day pregnant) at around 2am I woke up with the feeling that I desperately needed the toilet. Upon trying to get out of bed, I realise that the sheets were wet. My waters had broke. As contractions hadn’t started I decided to go back to sleep and thought nothing of it. 

Upon waking up around 7 am, I still didn’t have any contractions so was questioning whether my waters had broke or if I had just peed the bed. I rang the midwife and she invited me in for a lovely internal examination. 

Once arriving at the hospital, I had my blood pressure, temperature and pulse checked which were all normal but still no contractions. So the internal examination was done. The midwife was fairly satisfied that only my hind waters had broke and my fore waters were still in tact causing baby to act like a plug and keep the waters in. 

As I was already booked in for one of my routine growth scans the same afternoon, she didn’t feel the need to scan me there and then. 

Later that afternoon, after still not passing any more water apart from that in the bed, I had my routine growth scan. Everything seemed fine, baby is head down 3/5 engaged and looking a healthy 6lbs 11oz. 

However, the doctor was fairly concerned that there was little to no water surrounding the baby. I had in fact lost pretty much all my water. 

After having a meeting with the doctor and consultant, they both felt the best plan of action would be to get induced tomorrow morning. So that’s where I stand now. 

My last night as being just Natalie before I turn into a Mummy. I am sooo excited yet completely petrified. My birth plan is out the window but at least I get to meet my little man sooner than first expected. 

The next post from me will hopefully introduce our newest member of the Smith family and I can not wait. 

Love Tilly and Bump xx 


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