36 Weeks: Growth Scan Update.

How Far Along? 36 weeks.

Are You Showing Yet? Yes, getting bigger and bigger by the day.

Total Weight Gain: About a stone now.

Maternity Clothes? Still fitting into my normal clothes, had 1 pair of maternity tights, wear them more for warmth as they keep the belly nice and snug.

Stretch Marks? No new ones, just the odd one or two on my boobs. Cant see the bottom of my tummy though so there might be some there that I cant see.

Sleeping: Sleep is pretty much non existent now. Waking in the night with severe back and hip pain every time I move on top of the countless trips to the toilet.

Food Cravings: Popcorn chicken from KFC still. Also been fancying Galaxy chocolate this week.

Anything Making You Sick / Queasy? Nope.

Miss Anything? Sleep.

Movement? Moves all night and day, starting to slow down a little as there isn’t enough room for him anymore.

Labour Signs? No.

Symptoms: Lack of sleep and alot of pain in back and pelvis.

Belly Button In Or Out? Out, starting to go more flat again now as my skins pulled so tight.

Ring On / Off? On.

Mood: Feeling a bit emotional, in a lot of pain with back and hips. Got to the stage where I just want the little man to be here now.

Best Moments This Week: Seeing his face again on our routine growth scan and getting another picture of his face. Also had my close friends and family over for a baby shower at the weekend. Its safe to say Baby Smith got well and truly spoilt.

Looking Forward To: Birth. Just want my boy in my arms now, pregnancy is not treating me well at all.


At last we FINALLY have some good news. After another routine growth scan this week we found out that the baby is actually average size, if not slightly under. The consultant informed us that they believe the last scan he was over measured and there is actually not anything to worry about. We also found out that Baby Smith has changed position, head down and ready to go. I cant wait for the next couple of weeks to fly by so that I can finally have my little boy in my arms.


36 week face scan

36 weeks

Love Tilly and Bump xx


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