Since falling pregnant I have noticed there are a lot of things that wear you down, whether it be your emotions being all over the place or the fact that you can’t tie your shoes. So I took to Twitter using the hashtag #PregnancyProblems to compile a list of the to 50 things people are struggling with during pregnancy. Can you relate? I know I can tick the majority of these off of my list.

1. Trying to paint your nails when you can’t reach your feet.
2. Wanting to eat everything in sight.
3. Having no appetite.
4. Sleepless nights.
5. Hormones all over the place.
6. Having to pee 24/7.
7. Endless appointments.
8. The struggle to walk.
9. Dreaded morning sickness.
10. Limited social activities.
11. Countdown to D Day!
12. Having to have a full bladder for a scan that’s running late.
13. Aerobics in your uterus as the little bean learns he has feet that kick (hard).
14. Stretch marks.
15. Everything growing; bump, boobs, bodily hair. You name it, it’s growing!
16. Acne is back, thought you got rid of it as a teen, your very wrong.
17. Back ache.
18. Swollen ankles.
19. Outgrowing everything in your wardrobe, and your boyfriends wardrobe.
20. Birth plans.
21. So many blood tests you feel like a pin cushion.
22. Crying because of anything and everything.
23. Breathlessness.
24. Spending most of the time lying in bed either sleeping or trying to.
25. Everyone reminding you how ‘big’ you are.
26. Strangers commenting on your size.
27. Getting greeted with a belly rub rather than a “hello”.
38. Pelvic floor exercises.
39. Overdue.
40. Heartburn.
41. Cravings.
42. Drinking grape juice out a wine glass when your friends are on vino.
43. People asking if it was planned or an accident.
44. Leaky boobs.
45. Pelvic Pain.
46. Forever being thirsty.
47. Getting calls everyday when your overdue asking if you’ve had the baby.
48. Feeling like you’ve just done a work out climbing the stairs to bed.
49. Hot sweats.
50. The dreaded labor and birth stories everyone feels obliged to tell you.

Please leave in the comments problems you are experiencing during your pregnancy. 

Love Tilly and Bump xx


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