Diabetes Results & Transverse Baby:

So last week in my 32 week update I said that the hospital was a little bit worried because the baby was rather large for the average size he should be at this stage. Because of this, I had to go into hospital this week and have a glucose tolerance test.

The glucose tolerance test is basically to check how your body breaks down sugars over a short period of time. With these results they determine if you or baby are showing signs of gestational diabetes.

To take the test, you have to starve yourself for 12 hours prior to the test. Once you get to the hospital the nurse will take a sample of blood from you, make you drink a sugary drink and then wait two hours. Once you’ve waited two hours the nurse will take another sample of blood and test to see how your body has broken down.

Luckily, after getting my results back today, my bloods have come back within the normal limits. The nurses are not worried or think there is any cause of concern for gestational diabetes for either me or the baby.

However, at my routine midwife appointment, she was checking baby’s position and informed me that he is now transverse. Since falling pregnant, baby has been in head down position up until literally last week which he turned to transverse. Hopefully by my 36 week check up he will have moved so that when I make my birth plan I am able to go ahead and have my much wanted water birth.

If anyone has any tips or tricks on how to get baby to move please share them. I will literally try everything.

Love Tilly and Bump xx


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