30 Weeks Pregnant.

So I haven’t done a pregnancy update since my growth scans at 28 weeks. Here is a little update of changes that have happened in the last couple of weeks.

How Far Along? 30 weeks.

Are You Showing Yet? Yes, there is no doubt its a baby belly now. No more bloated tummy.

Total Weight Gain: Around 11 pounds.

Maternity Clothes? Like before, I’m still living in leggings an stretchy tops. I have however purchased a pair of maternity leggings and jeans. Its all about living in the boyfriends hoodies.

Stretch Marks? No stretch marks. Been moisturising morning and night since day 1.

Sleeping: Starting to wake through the night now as can not get comfortable. Baby is head down and feels very heavy when I lay on either side. It doesn’t help I have to pee constantly.

Food Cravings: No new cravings.

Anything Making You Sick / Queasy? Nope.

Miss Anything? Sleep.

Movement? Crazy kicking has started this week, so visable through clothing. Reacts to both me and Callum.

Labour Signs? No.

Symptoms: Sleepless nights and lots and lots of kicking.

Belly Button In Or Out? A definite outie.

Ring On / Off? On.

Mood: Excited and impatient.

Best Moments This Week: Feeling him react when I speak to him and getting spoilt at Christmas.

Looking Forward To: Birth.

29 weeks

Love Tilly and Bump xx


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