100 Things I Did In 2014:

So around this time last year I wrote a post called ‘100 Things I Did In 2013‘. Iv’e decided to look back on 2014 and put together 100 things that happened this year.

1. Got a puppy
2. Worked on the beach for the summer
3. Beach shop burnt down
4. Made new friends
5. Lost friends
6. Got a boyfriend
7. Went to Cuba
8. Watched Bournemouth air show
9. Dog walks
10. Worked for Google
11. Got made redundant
12. Turned 22
13. Went for afternoon tea and champagne with the girls
14. Went to London with the boyfriend
15. Got another puppy
16. BBQ’s on the beach
17. Baked cakes
18. Max turned 1
19. Chucked a bucket of ice over the boyfriend for ASL Ice bucket challenge
20. Played golf
21. UV mini golf
22. Dip-dyed my hair pink
23. Walked into a lamp post
24. Went to Go Ape
25. Drunken nights with the chums
26. Open mic nights
27. Godson turned 2
28. Summer drives in the convertible
29. Went to a Southampton football match
30. Fell pregnant
31. Went to Alton Towers
32. Caught a barracuda
33. Speed boat rides
34. Sunday football
33. Cream tea with Mummy
34. A lot of sunbathing
35. Had severe morning sickness
36. Visited the hospital
37. Ambulance ride
38. World Cup drunken times
39. Golf caddy for a day
40. Met the boyfriends family
41. Ate far too many takeaways
42. Arcade fun
43. Shopping trips
44. Found out were having a baby boy next year
45. Watched Frozen 100000000 times
46. Hot chocolates at the German Bar
47. Went to town dressed as a Panda
48. Handmade baby shower cards
49. Got a Michael Kors watch (Thanks Callum x)
50. Went to Tunisia
51. Boyfriend moved in with me
52. Watched my sister graduate
53. Lulworth cove walks with the pup and boyfriend
54. Heard baby’s heartbeat
55. Got a parking ticket, or two
56. Got a speeding fine
57. Got a new iPhone
58. Job searched
59. Felt baby kick for the 1st time
60. Callum feeling baby kick
61. Carved minion pumpkins on Halloween
62. Made a gingerbread house
63. Baby shopping
64. Planned baby’s arrival
65. Had this blog for a whole year
66. Rekindled old friendships
67. Grew up
68. Realised that good changes for you are not good for everyone else
69. Friends come and go
70. Got rid of half my clothes
71. Got a new bed
72. Had a million hospital appointments
73. Felt baby hiccup
74. Give up alcohol
75. Ate enough chocolate to last a lifetime
76. Family BBQ’s
77. Outgrew all my clothes
78. Mini adventures
79. Turned sisters room into nursery
80. Flat hunting
81. Snuggly Sunday’s
82. Learnt to share my bedroom
83. A lot of sickness
84. Growth scans
85. Black Friday shopping
86. New summer house in the garden
87. Orange Wednesday’s
88. Date nights
89. Baby scans
90. Harry Potter marathon
91. Packed hospital bags for baby and me
92. Bought a travel system pushchair
93. Bought nursery furniture
94. Snapped car key in car
95. Toffee apples on Halloween
96. Saved for mortgage
97. Making memories
98. Planning the future with my little family
99. Preparing for baby’s arrival
100. Fell in love

This year has been extremely eventful and has completely flown by. I am so excited for 2015 where I get to meet my beautiful little boy and start a new life with my little family. I know next year is going to be life changing and I can not wait. See you in 2015.

Love Tilly and Bump xx


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