Growth Scans: 28 Weeks.

As I said in my last pregnancy update I would have to have growth scans due to the weight and measurements of my little one at his 20 week scan and my low BMI.

Today I had a growth scan check up to see how much he had grown since his last scan and to see if there was any concerns regarding his weight or growth.

As usual, baby was extremely camera shy. He hid from us the whole time so the sonographer was unable to get an accurate measurement of his head. Since early on in pregnancy he found his comfort position (head down bum up) which he has adopted this whole pregnancy. His head is currently so low in my pelvis it was virtually impossible to view it on the scan.

Because of not being able to measure baby’s head, his measurements were taken from his stomach and thigh bone which showed that he is still measuring slightly smaller than average.

Looking at my white notes they have stated that he is currently weighing approx 2 lbs 9 ounces and his legs are extremely long. Being 5ft11 and Callum being over 6ft, we knew we would have a tall baby.

I’m trying not to worry too much about his measurements being under average, he seems happy and healthy and he definitely wriggles for about 80% of the day which is a good sign.

I now have to wait until 32 weeks to have another growth scan and to see the consultant to see if they are still worried about him. Fingers crossed he will put weight on over Christmas with all the Christmas puddings and he will be perfect size and weight.

Love Tilly and Bump xx


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