23/ 24 Weeks: Growth Scans.

How Far Along? 23 and 24 weeks.

Are You Showing Yet? Yes.

Total Weight Gain: 9 pounds give or take.

Maternity Clothes? Still living in leggings and stretchy tops. Don’t really want to purchase any maternity wear as I I’m not far away from the third trimester now and need to save as much money as possible before little man is here.

Stretch Marks? No stretch marks. Been moisturising morning and night.

Sleeping: Still not being disturbed much throughout the night. The occasional toilet stop makes a 3am appearance, other than that sleeping hasn’t really been affected.

Food Cravings: No new cravings.

Anything Making You Sick / Queasy? Thankfully sickness hasn’t come back. Don’t want to get my hopes up too much just in case.

Miss Anything? Mayonnaise and jeans.

Movement? Kicks throughout the day and just before bed. Starting to react to Callum touching my belly now which is really nice.

Labour Signs? No.

Symptoms: Still the same as the past few weeks; headaches, leg cramps, sore tummy and lots and lots of kicking.

Belly Button In Or Out? Slowly getting turning into an outie more and more.

Ring On / Off? On.

Mood: Still super excited. Have days where I feel really emotional and can get upset or mad at the silliest things.

Best Moments This Week: Seeing baby and hearing his heartbeat during an extra scan.

Looking Forward To: The next 3 months flying by.

UPDATE: Due to my BMI being low, I have had to have an appointment with a doctor and a consultant. Because of being underweight, they are concerned that the baby isn’t growing as per the ‘normal’ baby growth chart. Due to this, they have scheduled me in for more scans prior to his birth.

During my appointment this week, I had my bump measured, and from my pelvis to the top of my uterus it is currently measuring 22cm. According to my consultant, this is 3cm smaller than it should be as I am now 25 weeks. They scanned the baby briefly and he seemed very content and happy and we also got to listen to his heartbeat which was very strong.

So far, they don’t seem to be too concerned with his growth. I think it is just more of a better to be on the safe side kind of situation rather than a cause of concern. I now have a scan booked in for 28 weeks and another scan and meeting with the consultant for 32 weeks. Hopefully he would of grown more by then and everything is fine.

Love Tilly and Bump xx




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