21/22 Weeks: Holiday Fun.

How Far Along? 21 and 22 weeks are combined as I have been in Tunisia during this period so there is not a lot to update on the pregnancy front.

Are You Showing Yet? Bump is a lot more prominent now.

Total Weight Gain: 8 pounds give or take.

Maternity Clothes? Pretty much leggings but going to have to buy some maternity leggings as they are getting far too tight.

Stretch Marks? No stretch marks still.

Sleeping: Occasionally waking up through out the night to use the toilet or cramping in my legs, apart from that sleeping soundly.

Food Cravings: No new cravings.

Anything Making You Sick / Queasy? Sickness seems to of finally buggered off *touch wood*

Miss Anything? Mayonnaise still.

Movement? Has definitely become a fidgit bum the past two weeks. It is safe to say baby loved the sunshine in Tunisia.

Labour Signs? No.

Symptoms: Headaches, leg cramps, sore tummy and lots and lots of kicking.

Belly Button In Or Out? Popping out slightly now.
Ring On / Off? On.

Mood: Extremely excited. Started getting all the bits for the baby now so just want the next 3 months to fly by.

Best Moments This Week: Going on our babymoon with my lovely boyfriend.

Looking Forward To: Getting the last bits for our little man.


Love Tilly and Bump xx


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