Hospital Trips, Drips and Sleepless Nights.

So I think I spoke too soon in my last blog post when I said that morning sickness had finally gone. After throwing up every 10 – 20 mins for 19 hours straight I got admitted to hospital with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a severe form of morning sickness. Being petrified of sick, needles and hospitals, this was my worst nightmare.

After spending hours in hospital, being seen by a hundred different nurses and doctors, having 6 litres of saline fluid and some anti sickness tablets, I was finally discharged home.

Hopefully now I am on the mend and at 15 weeks pregnant this was just a one off episode. I definitely do not have the strength to go through that all over again. It is safe to say I am exhausted!

On the plus side my mum and sister popped into town whilst waiting for me to be discharged and bought Baby Smith lots of goodies to cheer me up. Xx



Love Tilly and Bump xx


One thought on “Hospital Trips, Drips and Sleepless Nights.

  1. Oh my I do not look forward to that if I ever need to go to the emergency room Or when it’s time to deliver. I hate doctor, needles and people looking at your lady parts. Lol! Talk about uncomfortable. 23 weeks along for me. Its a boy. And haven’t had much trouble. Only 2 dizzy spells and 1 near fainting experience. I sure am glad im not miserable with symptoms.

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