Mini Road Trip – Tewkesbury & Alton Towers

So last weekend my poor Polly drove 530 miles so that the boyfriend and I could go on a mini road trip.

We visited his parents in Tewkesbury and Alton Towers Theme Park. Seeing as we have only been together a couple of months, I hadn’t actually met his parents up to this point.

Not only did I get to meet his family, but also spent the weekend with his friends. He took me to the airfield he used to work in and I even got to sit in some of the planes.

I had such a lovely weekend and an amazing day at Alton Towers. I can’t wait for our next mini adventure.

20140701-014204 pm-49324346.jpg

20140701-014721 pm-49641260.jpg

20140701-014721 pm-49641865.jpg

20140701-014721 pm-49641357.jpg

20140701-014721 pm-49641753.jpg

20140701-014722 pm-49642593.jpg

20140701-014722 pm-49642164.jpg

Love Tilly xx 


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