Cuba 2014.

This year I was lucky enough to go on a holiday of a lifetime with my best friend. We went to Cayo Coco in Cuba. It was an absolutely beautiful place and the people there are lovely. Here are a few of my favourite snaps from Cuba.

20140521-102036 am-37236497.jpg

20140521-102126 am-37286772.jpg

20140521-102212 am-37332158.jpg

20140521-102309 am-37389715.jpg

20140521-102411 am-37451610.jpg

20140521-102425 am-37465716.jpg

20140521-102442 am-37482512.jpg

20140521-105519 am-39319193.jpg

20140521-105530 am-39330629.jpg

20140521-105542 am-39342295.jpg

20140521-105554 am-39354889.jpg

20140521-105618 am-39378642.jpg

20140521-105630 am-39390310.jpg

20140521-105642 am-39402558.jpg

20140521-105653 am-39413937.jpg

20140521-105705 am-39425499.jpg

20140521-105722 am-39442086.jpg


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