Abandoned Blog.

To say the past 6 weeks have been stressful would be a complete understatement. Not only did I become the winner of a 5 week episode of glandular fever, I was also the lucky winner of redundancy. Yes that’s right, I lost my job.

Unfortunately during this time my blog was the last thing on my mind. Yes I was on here practically every day reading posts, but I could not bring myself to write one myself. There wasn’t anything I needed/wanted to say and to be honest, I was such a grumpy toad it wouldn’t of been a fun read either way.

So.. What have you missed out on:

1: My gorgeous godson turned two.
2: My hair reached a length so it can be tied in a bun #proudmoment
3: I became addicted to Frozen.
4: I started seeing a guy.
5: I’ve had a few drunken weekends.
6: We bought a 2nd puppy. Maximus has a new sister called Nala.
7: I booked a holiday to the Caribbean.
8: Maximus got castrated.
9: I got another piercing.
10: I helped my best friend move house.
11: Long spring walks with Maximus.
12: Cremated the pancakes on Pancake Day.
13: Went to Go Ape.
14: Countless shopping trips.
15: A visit home from my Big Sissy.

As you see from the handful of things I’ve done the last few months I’ve neglected you guys, it’s not been overly interesting. So apologies that I’ve disappeared off the face of the planet.

I’ll bring you some new posts soon. Watch this space. 

Love Tilly xx 


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