Those who know me, will know that I am REALLY not a morning person. If I could slowly wake up in my own time every morning, snoozing my alarm as much as I wanted, it would be perfect. Not only do I struggle to physically get out of bed, it takes a good hour or so for my brain to wake up.

I am not just physically and mentally half asleep in the mornings, I am also extremely grumpy. Waking me up in the morning is like waking up an angry bear. Its just not pretty. There are exceptions where an early morning is acceptable, for instance: Christmas, birthdays, going on holiday etc. But if it is just your average day,mornings and I do not get on well.

Normally, I am able to go about my daily morning activities in the morning with out major hiccups.

Not this morning. 

Today, nothing was going according to plan. Anything that could go wrong did.

6:00am- Alarm doesn’t go off, great.

6:10am- I wake up (in a panic).

6:11am- I leap out of bed onto a turned up plug. Just what I need.

6:12am- Went downstairs to let the pup out for a wee.

6:13am- Pouring with rain is an understatement. I am DROWNED!

6:15am- Dogs barking, good morning neighbors.

6:20am- Realised the time, I have 10 minutes before I have to leave the house. I’m still in Christmas PJ’s.

6:21am- Pup still hasn’t relieved himself.

6:22am- Attempt to get ready with pup laid on my bed.

6:25am- Hair just isn’t cooperating.

6:26am- Fed Pup.

6:30am- LEFT ON TIME (miracle).

6:40am- Arrived at work.

6:41am- Stepped out my car into the worlds biggest puddle. Hello pink vans, you are now wet!

6:42am- Lost my shoe in a heap of mud.

6:45am- Finally in my office after a traumatic morning.. Nothing can go wrong now right?


6:49am- After making myself and a colleague a coffee, I was stood in the kitchen stirring in the countless spoons of sugar for my morning buzz, when out of nowhere someones freshly made porridge with BOILING water launched it self off the side and all down my leg. Just my luck!!

So I have been up for less than half an hour and Ive managed to get drowned, step on anything possible to hurt my feet and scold my leg.

Today is going to be a good day!!

Love Tilly xx 


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