So a few weeks ago my best friend persuaded me to sign up to Plenty Of Fish, an online dating website. I am most definitely not ‘looking for love’ but what harm could it do, I have nothing better to do with my evenings at the moment.

So there I am on a miserable Sunday evening at my friends flat, sprawled on her sofa with chocolate and ice cream writing about why someone should ‘pick me’ to take out on a date. 

About Me:

I don’t know why some people take this section so seriously? I for one can not be bothered to read a whole biography about your life, how many cats you have, what car you drive and when your Aunt last visited you. Keep it short and sweet guys. I definitely do not have time to read pages and pages about your life. Write a few lines, something interesting, leave me wondering about you and wanting to get to know you more. That way it gives me something to talk to you about when/if I device to message you back.

My ‘About Me’ section isn’t even serious at all. It gives you a slight hint of my personality, what I like, what I don’t like, but it doesn’t give too much away. Whats the point in telling your life story in this small section. Its short, sweet and slightly funny. See what you think..

“My favourite colour is pink. Chicken wings are my weakness. I have a puppy called Maximus, he’s such a dude. Slight obsession with Disney Princesses. I’m a triplet and my sisters mean the world to me. This summer I want to travel. I dislike mornings, storms, grumpy people, mouldy bread and spiders. I work at Google, no joke. I like to think I’m pretty normal and easy going but I am biased. Blah blah blah, message me. Xx”


So this is where your supposed to get my attention, give me something to reply to. Do you really think asking me for sexual favors and telling me how great my tits look in a certain dress will get a reply? 

I thought people made a profile because they wanted to find a date, a lover, a companion? Who in their right mind would fall for this? Its disgusting. 

Don’t get me wrong, some messages from guys are witty, make me laugh and generally I can get a good conversation out of them. But these are hard to find. Sifting through the messages from people who have only made an account for 1 obvious thing, sex, is really starting to put me off the site. 

But I wont give up, Ill stay on it for a couple more weeks and see what happens. I mean so far I have made a few friendships and I’m always up for meeting new people, so lets keep fishing. 

But guys, please tone it down a bit. Not everyone is as forward and straight to the point as you are. 

Love Tilly xx 


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